Tuesday, December 13, 2005

OTTER CREEK IS MOVING!!!!!!! YEA!!!!! I've been DYING to share this with the blog community since August. We've not known for sure until last week that everything would work out, but this is a huge answer to prayer! This gives us so much more bang for our dollar. PLUS--no "REACH" campaign for the next 20 years. HALLELUJAH! Here's a shot of the front of our new building that was originally built for Brentwood Baptist and then recently owned by the Living Word church. (Julie Woodroof took all these great photos!)

Here's the sign and view from the road.

This is a cool picnic area on the property. It will be so nice for Spring and Summer gatherings and life group functions!

This picture is of the sanctuary and was taken from the balcony looking down.

this is looking at the front of the sanctuary.

Here's a view from the stage area.

This picture is of the gym and family life center. It's incredible! A full kitchen, room for dinner theater, a great place for the youth, etc. YEA!!

We are all really excited! Our first Sunday will be February 26th, 2006! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Praise God for providing this alternative for us!

we have a lot to do in the next 10 weeks. There's a lot of processing of emotions too. After 75 years on Otter Creek Rd, this is a huge transition for our family. Sheryl and I have only been here 10 years and yet we got engaged in the Otter Creek Sanctuary one January night in 1998. WE got married there, our kids were all born while we went there and we've experienced a lot of life in just 10 years. Imagine those who've been around for 75 years! We plan to have a season of remembrance and celebrating the past. And then we'll have a season of new beginnings once we get into our new space. It's going to be incredible.

Meanwhile, rehearsals and plans shift into HIGH GEAR for this weekend. I hope those of you close enough to Nashville will plan to come. Saturday and Sunday nights...7pm.


cwinwc said...

Congratulations Brandon and Otter Creek! I know the Lord will bless you and the Otter Creek Family.

Dan Dalzell said...

That's great! Looks like a wonderful facility.

What's the address of the new place? How far from where you currently are?

CL said...

That is awesome BST!

Stephen Bailey said...

YAHOO! I know this has been heavy on your heart, but God has provided! I give Him thanks on your behalf. Are you still going to call it Oyster Bay or will there be a new name?

Ed Harrell said...

Cool new digs. It looks big enough but intimate enough, if that makes any sense (don't worry if it doesn't....it doesn't to me either).

If I could drop back to a post from a few days ago, what do ya'll put in the bags of food that you keep in your cars? April and I walked up and down the grocery store isles looking for something that was non-perishable, but tasted decent at room temp. but couldn't think of anything. I know chips/fruit cups/water bottles work great but what about an "entre'"? Any suggestions would be helpful.

That Girl said...

Is that the building on the corner of that one road and the other road where the policemen have to direct traffic on Sundays? You know what I'm talking about, right?

When the 5 year old nephew was with me this past weekend, he said, "Can we go to your friend's church again instead of your church?" I couldn't think of any other church we'd been to! Then I remembered that we had gone to OC on our Cowboy Weekend in Nashville this past May. I couldn't believe he remembered that!

Jenni said...

That is so exciting!! I pray many blessings on the transition. Just from a personal perspective, I know how hard it is to think about moving from one home to another - I can't really imagine moving a church from one home to another!

p.s. my word verification today is "ytoldme" kinda funny!

klm said...

In response to the guy who asked about putting food in your car - how about a manwich? (canned sloppy joes) and a loaf of bread. Cheap, it has one of those new pop tops... it's not great at room temp, but it's tastier than one might think. Any kind of soup with like noodles, vegetables and meat - the kind you don't have to add water to, is good too. also, beef jerky is a big one - it's pricier, but great!
Thank you for thinking outside the box on this one. I think showing Jesus means more than just feeding people, I think it means feeding them more like we would feed ourself.

Matt Elliott said...

Congrats on the new digs. When we visited OC on Zoe weekend, they led us down the maze of hallways to drop off our kids for their classes. I took Isaac, and Lela took Seth & Annie. When Lela came back, I asked her where Seth's classroom was. She gave me a terrified look and said, "I have no idea!" It definitely seemed as though you guys have been milking your current property for all it's worth! I know you'll be glad for some breathing room, and I'm glad you're not having to build. If there's a hell, I fear it will be one long building campaign. :-)

Did I miss this detail, or have you mentioned where this property is located?

songbirdintl said...
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songbirdintl said...

How exciting for you guys!!! I too want to know if the name will change and where it's located.

BTW-I don't post often, but I really love reading your blog! Your energy and passion come through in each post!! Thanks for letting us be a part and get a glimpse.

wstaple said...

I was a member at Brentwood Baptist when I first moved to Nashville, and it's a great facility! Congratulations!

Phil said...


BST's really busy with the concert, so the location is on Franklin Road, just down from the Kroger shopping center.

409 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, 37027