Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I played flag football today with 10 4th grade boys at Kirkpatrick. It's been a long time since I've played flag football--much less with 10 scampering rabbits. I will not be able to move tomorrow. (Stephen, Craig and Chris--SHUT IT!)


So, apparently, the "yittle yam" is evolving. Today is was...

"Yittle yam who had a farm
had a farm, had a farm..."

You get the idea.


Sorry for the "p*boy" comment yesterday. Not sure who left it. Like any one of us needs another opportunity to tune into online p*rn. For the love. Take your p*rn and be gone!!! Been there, done that. Don't need it or want it.


Rehearsal tonight with kids! Annie Grace Netterville is singing the solo. I know she'll put some soul into it! I can't wait!

Have a great night!


Tiffany said...

You know, the more you type "p-boy" and "p*rn" on your blog, the more of those you will get!

Brandon Scott said...

great point, Tiff. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

Brad Crisler said...

What?? I miss reading this blog for one day and look what happens!!

SG said...

"Been there, done that?" Excuse me? Did I miss that chapter in the life of BST! I knew you wore sequins on the cruise ship but... Sorry, but I had to ask. :)

Craig Fisher said...

Visions of BST playing football are dancing in my head!!

Stephen Bailey said...

It's one thing to take time out of your busy schedule to help those kids with math and science, but for you to risk injury and embarassment to play football with them is above and beyond! Ha! Those guys just thought you were bad at science!