Monday, May 02, 2005

We had a great time in Florida! Even though the weather didn't cooperate the entire time, it was still worth it. We found a nest of shells and dug out some really cool ones to bring home. We ate lots of great seafood and the girls and Jack all had a blast in the pool. Oh, how I LOVE vacation! Ryan brought his camera and got some great shots. I wanted to share some with you.

That last picture of Maddie just melts my heart!

I leave for Pepperdine tomorrow. It will be a very full week. Please pray for us as we travel. If I don't get to post while I'm out there, I'll give the full report next week. Have a wonderful week!

PS: I spoke with Jeff Berry today. He's doing well after he scared all of us to death with that heart virus. He thanks everyone for their prayers.


JP Manzi said...

Beautiful pics!

Lauren said...


You MUST check out Malibu Seafood while you and Zoe are at Pepperdine. The Clam Chowder is awesome. I am so sad that Sheryl doesn't get to make the trip but I am thankful you all got to spend some family time at the beach. Your blog has been such an encouragement to me. Blessings on you as you wait with baited breath for Baby Sam. Be blessed.

Jana said...

Aww...I love beach photos! That picture of Maddie is gorgeous.

Phil said...

Great pics, BST. Just beautiful

Just want to covet everyone's prayers for Joe and Laura Hays in NYC. Their infant Ira is having a very rough time.

SG said...

God speed my friend! Do you have a thing for coastal areas? Not many can say they were at the Atlantic and Pacific in the same week!
And the pics...What a beautiful family! These pictures are so sweet! Sam is so lucky to have such a great family waiting for him! Glad you had fun at the beach! :)

jettybetty said...

GREAT pics! and what SG said!
Blessings! JB

Ed in Abilene said...

I just love little red-headed girls. And you've got a couple of beauties! We love y'all...Blessings in Malibu.