Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello from the internet cafe on the campus of Pepperdine University! It's cloudy and cold here. BOOO! However, the warmth of seeing so many familiar faces has been cool! I just spent an hour sharing and catching up with Chris Seidman. Our friendship goes back many years. It was great to visit with him.

This morning we sang at the Wineskins thing and this afternoon we'll do class with Mike. Tonight we have our first late night. It's a lot of singing. Please pray for our voices and our hearts. Pray that we will have the energy and strength we need.

Last night I got take out from my favorite local restaurant and took it over to an area that had outdoor seating in Malibu. I sat and ate my shrimp scampi and thanked God for the beauty of cration and the stillness of that moment alone with him.

I'll report more tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!


Lauren said...


I wish I was in Malibu right about now! It has been cool and rainy in Abilene today. Isn't that weird for the first week of May? Could your favorite take-out be Malibu Seafood? Be blessed as you enjoy communion with our Creator.

Owen B. said...

Hey, Brandon... sorry I won't see you this year at Pepperdine. I'm headed the opposite direction to Abilene tomorrow a.m. to help my son drive home from ACU.

BTW, if you like "different" and really good sandwiches, try John's Country Garden there in Malibu. It's one of our favorite places to go. It has been around since we were students there. Yikes!

Have a blessed week!

Thurman8er said...

Last summer I was away from my family for a week at an institute on the Pepperdine campus. I spent a LOT of time in that there internet cafe. I wish I was there with you all this week. You're in my prayers.


PJ said...

Get back to work! And when you get home, clean up your office. It must be nice to have someone tell you to get back to work when that involves frequent trips to Malibu and Steamboat... you dog.

Anonymous said...

I miss you. i also miss Marmalade cafe...enjoy your shrimp while we are having vienna sausages and spaghetti! Just kidding; we are having apricot pork loin chops, rosemary potatoes, and corn on the cob. Come home soon. I think I just felt a contraction! jk
Love, your wife

Tim Castle said...

Everyone pray for Brandon this week; he looks like he's really missing his family! (Of course, that's not keeping him from enjoying the food!)

Matt Wilson said...


This is Matt Wilson. We met as I was getting my room key and you were trying to figure out how to get in your room. I just wanted to say I was really blessed by the time you, Zoe, and Mike did today at the lectureship. It was truly uplifting. Thanks again and it was great to meet you even if you only talked for a few minutes. Keep up your work for the kingdom.

Hopefully see you around the rest of this week :)