Thursday, June 19, 2008

ZOE Texas

I am headed to Dallas tonight for ZOE Texas. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Please pray for my physical health. I have bronchitis and have been feeling really yuck this week. I am praying for speedy recovery for this weekend. DJ Bulls and his crew have done a great job planning for this conference. Thanks, everyone! The kids, Sheryl and I are looking forward to being there!


kenny said...

man, bst! and we were headed your way this weekend! however, we wish were headed to big 'd' with y'all!

love it in dfw. many, many 'family' members there.

have fun!


Pegc said...

We had wanted to go to Zoe Texas, but alas, had other things going on and couldn't do it. Sorry to miss out and will look forward to the next one. Don't think we will make Nashville this year either.
Praying God's blessings on this weekend and a great time by all. We will miss being there!

LeeAnn said...

Would love to be there this weekend but have to stay in Midland. Praying for a quick recovery! Give my little brother a big hug from me!