Saturday, June 21, 2008


The conference is going well. I had to go to the doctor here yesterday and got a big ol' shot and antibiotics. They're helping. I'm still coughing a lung up every 3 or 4 minutes but I am better than I was!

It's been great to see lots of old friends here...Stephen Bailey, Lea Brown, Beth Plemons, Buddy and Janet Holland and others. Sheryl's sister, Cindy and her husband Billy are also here. Great seeing them! We went with Cindy, Billy, Kevin and Kiki to Pappasitos for lunch today. PERFECT Mexican food!

Sheryl and the kids are here as well. It's been fun singing with ZOE. I love these people! More ZOE tonight and tomorrow and then back home to Nashville. Thanks to everyone at North Davis for their amazing hospitality and sweet hearts!


Kyrsten said...

North Davis is a special congregation!! We worshipped there when we lived in Texas 11 years ago and always go back when we are in the area.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Katherine said...

We took Dean to Pappasito's for lunch today and saw a bunch of the ZOE group there. Yummmm...

Great seeing you and glad you are feeling better! :) Blessings~

Alan said...

Hello, I was just wondering if you know where I could get a recording of Magnificat by Randy Gill? I Saw it on a post here, but it's a post from years ago. This song is the one that starts out soprano, then adds bass, then alto, then tenor. I just learned it last week and I really like it, but I can't find a recording of it anywhere! If you know somewhere I could download or buy it, that would be cool.


Anonymous said...

Alan, Magnificat is on Zoe's "In Christ Alone" CD. Sung beautifully, as usual, I might add. :)

Glad TX Zoe went well! How awful to be sick while having to be "up" at an event like that. Hope you're feeling much better with the new week!


Alan said...

Thanks anonymous, I downloaded the MP3 along with some others - they have a great selection at their store!

I live in the area and North Davis sounds familiar. I might have been there before!