Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Our Father's Day weekend was a blast! We test drove some cars on Saturday. Although I love my old Blazer (I've driven it for 9 years), it's becoming a money drainer.

We went to the Saturday night service this weekend at Fellowship since we were leaving town on Sunday. It was awesome as always. I have added a link over there to the right to Fellowship so you can check it out. Sermons are also posted there.

Sunday morning we headed to Center Hill Lake with Brian Randolph, Lauren Gingles, Nathan Slingluff, Kyle Rigsby, and Kevin and Kim Penna. Sheryl arranged it as my Father's Day gift. we spent the day on a big pontoon boat having a blast! Another friend, Michael Morgan, met us later in the day with his ski boat. I skied for the first time in several years. It was so fun! Thanks Michael! Of course, I can't move today, but that's another story. Thank you, Sheryl and kids for a wonderful day!

The kids had such a blast and Maddie and Ella even jumped off the top deck into the lake (life jackets of course). It was a very brave thing to do! other news, Tim Woodroof resigned at Otter Creek Yesterday. For those of you keeping score at home, that makes 3 of us in about 6 months (Scott Owings, Tim and me). I pray God's provision for the Woodroofs and OC.


Brandon Scott said...

hey Peg...I'd like to repond to you but i don't have your email address. Can you post it for me?

annie said...

Going to the lake on Father's Day, or any day for that matter, is so fun. Your pics confirm it! Just hope you slathered your precious kids with sunblock. :)

I'm reading The Shack. Am keeping your comments from a previous post in my mind. It has certainly grabbed me thus far.