Monday, June 30, 2008


ZOE goes into the studio this week to begin recording our next project called "Fearless". We've got some good songs cooking and I am looking forward to hearing how they sound in the studio.

Yesterday Kevin asked Maddie what they talked about in Sunday School and Maddie responded... "We talked about Peter. The JESUS Peter, not the ZOE Peter."

The ZOE Peter will be flying in today from California to begin recording with us. Looking forward to having you, Pete!


Sarah said...

I SO look forward to hearing that. Because of my own current situations, I have been thinking so much of how few of us realize how easy it can be to allow fear to dictate so many of our actions: fear of failure, fear of discomfort, fear of rejection, fear of financial insecurity, on and on. As the prayer of the song "Overflow" has ministered to me HUGE lately, I look forward to being ministered to by "Fearless"!!

Beaner said...

Can't wait to see the song list!!!

Tracye Dukes said...

So excited to hear what you are working on... the title makes me think of one of my favorite songs from Anthony Evans by that name!! My ears are perked... can't wait to listen :0) Love ya'll!

Elizabeth S said...

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I finally got my copy of Fearless today in Abilene. Fantastic! All have been great, but this one is seriously great.

God's done good in you folks.

God bless.