Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Three Bears

When I came home today, the kids had been playing upstairs for hours. They decided to get creative and play "suitcases". They were so cute that I had to snap a couple of pics.

Peek-a-boo Ella!

It was hilarious...each child had a suitcase exactly their size. They are my three bears!

Days like these are golden--especially when they are proceeded by several days of sibling squabbles. Why does that always tend to happen in the car...away from your reach?? :) How many of you have found yourselves saying the words you thought you never would... "Don't make me pull this car over..."? It reminds me of that old Bill Cosby sketch. Remember the one?

Those commercials on TV where the family is all riding along in the spotless mini-van with big smiles on their faces and the kids are quiet...that does not happen in real life. But the bright side is--it makes days when they get along perfectly seem even better!


Elizabeth S said...

Have you been looking in my car windows? ;) Yes, I too have learned to cherish the moments when my kids are playing so well together. Maybe something we are saying/teaching/hopefully modeling is sinking in! Your kids are so precious!

Rick J said...

Kids are so fun!

Grandkids are too!!

Christy said...

Amen to that!! The car rides are just horrible sometimes. We miss you guys:)