Thursday, June 05, 2008

Catching Up...

It's been an extremely busy week. I haven't had time to really post anything. Ella's soccer season ended last Saturday. She played her little heart out and we were so proud!

Ella's soccer team...managing somehow to stay in one place for 2.5 minutes.

Ella got a soccer trophy on Saturday and she was so excited!

This week is CMA Fest in Nashville (formerly known as Fan Fair). It is a huge event. Our downtown practically shuts down as fans from all over the world gather to celebrate country music. I was at the convention center all day on Wednesday as the booth we designed for Big Machine Records went up. Artists on Big Machine include Taylor Swift, Jewel, and Trisha Yearwood. Justin McIntosh who is in marketing at Big Machine and I had a blast. Justin used to being our life group. It was so fun getting to hang out again.

Here's a picture of the booth going up...

This is Conway Twitty's booth (isn't he dead?).

Alan Jackson's booth

Here's our booth taking shape. I'll post some pics of the full booth later this week. Sheryl's nieces are here with 2 of their friends for CMA Fest. Justin got them tickets or a signing by Taylor Swift for Saturday. They are really excited! (THANKS, Justin!!)

Yesterday I went to the Creative Artists' Agency open house and CMA Fest kick off party. It was fun to see Jeff Gregg (he was a groomsman in our wedding). I got to see lots of interesting people. At one point I noticed I was standing next to Jeff Fisher (coach of the TN Titans). It was hard not to gawk!

Today was a very, VERY full day. We were all very focused on casting. We have lots of shows coming this fall that need full casts. The talent is really amazing. Now it's just a matter of putting the puzzle pieces together!

Maddie is sleeping over at the Williamson's tonight and Emma Arnett is over here with Ella. Ahhh, the joys of summer vacation!

Still loving the afterglow from reading The Shack! Anyone else pick it up?


Anonymous said...

Almost finished with the Shack. It has been incredible. Talk about changing the way you think about God!! It has me a good way.

And just when I had God all figured out!! =)


Rick J said...

A lady in our small group read and was excited about it... then you wrote about it... then Virginia read it last weekend on a flight to and from TX... so now I'm reading it so she and I can talk about it. I think they're just about to sit down to dinner. Thanks for the rec!