Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TRUNK OR TREAT!!!!! What a blast! I love it when we do stuff like this...it gets all ages of people together. It was fun having the Wayne Reed and inner city kids with us too. They all looked GREAT!

Here are some pics from the night--

Sam is dressed like a Motocross rider and ready to go!

Maddie gives her best Wonder Woman pose. (She is getting so big and so, SO beautiful. I know I'm her dad, but it just astounds me at how fast they all change.)
Ella is Super Girl...and felt the need to strike this pose A LOT the rest of the night. (this costume was a Sheryl Thomas special)
We're ready...let's GO!

our kids pose with Jack and Sydney Williamson. Evy was dressed as Dumbo and she would have none of the picture taking business.
Logan Innis always dresses up perfectly. She made a great Cleopatra! (I also loved the black birds sitting on top of the car!)
Sonya Colvert cracked us up--Happily Ever After with baby on the hip, rollers in her hair and a bottle of Prozac tied to her belt.
nice green hair, Mom! :)
Michael Kirby sat with new baby Kyle and passed out treats while Melissa and Emily walked around.

Ella and her good friend, Emma Arnet
I have laughed at this picture so many times. Hilarious to me. Susan Stumne and Katie Howard dressed as Chicken and Cow.
After an hour of walking around, you just have to take some time to sit and enjoy the bounty!
Lauren Hall was about the cutest "Madeline" ever.
And...after a night of candy, at least the kids were able to choke down some Honeycombs with milk. It's the breakfast of champions.
Overall, a very fun night! It was about community, having fun, sharing together, welcoming others, laughing, and loving. No celebration of evil. In fact, I'd say we kicked Evil's butt. Love wins.


Kara Graves said...

you should check out Josh's blog and see what he went as to our Trunk-or-Treat...pretty funny!

annie said...

I lived vicariously through your blog post today. How I long for the days when my boys were young & LOVED getting ready for Halloween festivities! Your kids are all darling----love your middle one "doin' the pose" of SuperGirl in every pic. ENJOY these days!

Sallie said...

I can't believe how much Ella looks like Sheryl in that last pic!!! Did you have ANYTHING to do with her!? Your kiddos are just beautiful...glad you guys had so much fun! Tell Sheryl that she, yet again, wins the bestest mom award this year for creating that super woman costume. she's so cool! love you guys!