Friday, October 05, 2007

It's been a great couple of days with old friends and ZOE. Tonight the singing was like a wave of sound. It's been so great to see people and to enjoy worship together. Here are some pictures of the last couple of days.'s not over! There's still more fun to come tomorrow.

My brothers..Luke and Josh with Sam and Truitt

Sally and Maddie

Val, Stephen and me. It's been over 16 years since the three of us were Sing Song hosts together. That's just crazy.

Sam, Rich, Maddie and me

ZOE before the main conference began tonight


Jenni said...

last night was looking forward to today!!

Pegc said...

My, how I wish I were there! Just couldn't do it this year. Maybe next! Enjoy. Looks like a good time by all!

I am looking forward to receiving my cd and book from this year. I know it will be great, as usual.

Peace from God above to you all!

Christy said...

Glad it is all going well and that you get to see some old friends:)

Anonymous said...

Zoe is such an amazing inspiration to our family...we so wish we could have been there this weekend. Thank more than words can ever say for your ministry!

SG said...

Over 16 years? It can't be! :)

Beverly Ross said...

Truitt looks like he is sending secret signals to his Grammy. Something like "I sure wish you were here! Can't wait to see you again - when will that be???"

Mark Lowenstein said...

BST and Zoe,

Thanks for lifting us all up! We rose God up (Let God Arise)!!

Though I am deaf (but wore my hearing aid), the singing (both Zoe and the Zoe-goers) brought music to my heart!

Thank You, God! Be praised!!

(Just to give you the heads up, I think one of the songs on the "Overflow" cd was mixed up. #9 and #10 is in the wrong order. Probably a typo. :) Or maybe it's my cd!) :)

We're overflowing with God's love!