Monday, October 01, 2007

I am safely back home---though jet lagged a bit. This week is full of preparations for ZOE Conference. My blogging may not be regular. I pray peace for all of you. Things are really good here. God has been at work in our lives and we are reaping the blessings of hearing His voice! Here are some pictures from my trip last week...


This was the first picture upon arrival in Venice. I got off the bus from the airport and snapped this.

I tried to just take as many pictures as possible to capture the beauty of the architecture and the colors. It was all so beautiful!

There were canals and bridges everywhere. Things were only accessible by water taxi or gondola...or the cheaper way, by foot.

This was at the plaza of S. Marco. This basilica was amazing. Full of gorgeous construction and mosaics.

This shop sold masquerade masks. I got the girls one each. They are so cool!!

This was a bookstore where I bought my mom some old bookmarks. It was really neat inside.

such beautiful colors!

These folks were enjoying their gondola ride

some of the cast on our way into Venice--Sarah, Byron, Juliana, me, Carissa, Rochelle

We stopped SEVERAL times for gelato! It's the best Italian treat!

In the plaza there were 6 different stages where string quartets played beautiful classical pieces or show tunes. People sat at tables out front being served by waiters in full tux and tail.

Julian, Carissa, Rochelle and me--on board

The cast (minus two)--Byron, Sarah, Rochelle, Dallas, Juliana, and Carissa

The run-throughs looked great!

West Side Story--jets!

The cast has worked really hard getting the new singer and dancer in the shows. I was really proud of them. The shows were awesome!

The picture above was taken in Zadar, Croatia. This pier was crowded with fishing boats and yachts.

Zadar is an historic old town that dates back to the 8th century--maybe further. It has a very eastern European feel.

This woman was selling her embroidery on the street. I tried to take a clearer picture but she hid from me. :)

Zadar was full of old churches--gorgeous and rich in heritage.

The picture above is of St. Mary's. It dates back tot he 1200's. Absolutely gorgeous!

Venice was my favorite, but maybe my next favorite thing was the flight from Zagreb to Frankfurt. For whatever reason we flew low and I could see all of the countryside. We flew over Austria, Switzerland, the Alps, Munich, and Nuremberg. I could see the beautiful cities, towering white steeples of the churches, and the unique buildings. I loved that!

Even though it was a whirlwind trip, it was so much fun. The cast did a great job. They are so gifted. I am always impressed with Gary's shows. The music is awesome, the costumes are great and the staging is very professional. Great job, guys!

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