Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last night we went to the Otter Creek Kindergarten and Pre-school open house. All three of our kids are in school there this year. They were all so excited to show off their classrooms, teachers and friends.

Maddie poses here with her teacher, Miss Jennifer.

One of Maddie's buddies, Frances Horn, is the daughter of Cindy (Hester) Horn. Cindy and her sister, Gayla Hester Borders, were friends back at ACU. Cindy and her family go to Otter Creek and we enjoy spending time with them. She hasn't changed a bit and you can see her hilarious spirit has been passed on to her daughter!

Ella poses with her teacher, Miss Amanda

Sam and his teacher, Miss Julie...or "Miss Jewy" as he calls her.

Sam was proud of his art work displayed on the wall!

Eventually, once things settle down here and after I dig out from being gone I will post some more thoughts about our weekend. It was really so much fun! Have a great week, blog family!


Phil said...

Dude, did your wife approve that haircut?

Brandon Scott said...

she loves it!

Anonymous said...

You know one of the things I like most about you Brandon? You’re actually a cool guy, not the pretend, forced cool that so many church members and ministers try to be in order to prove that being a Christian can be “super awesome!”. I call those guys “Tom Sawyer Christians” and they get on my last nerve. Rather than acting like its great fun and exciting and cool to be a Christian (which is obviously forced) in order to “trick” people into being interested, you come across as truly, authentically cool, the real article, the real deal. An actual stylish guy that loves God and loves his family and realizes that just because you are a minister or a father or a husband doesn’t mean that you can’t still look your best and keep up with styles and can look like you actually live in the greater world around you and aren’t cocooned up in your insulated “church world” where pot bellies abound and styles have a way of stay the same for years. You’re a rock star in my eyes!

Brandon Scott said...

wow...that's one of the coolest things anyone has said to me in weeks! Thanks! That means a lot...especially the "real article" thing. That really means a lot to me. Thank you!

Mary Alice said...

Ah, Miss Julie. Miss Julie is a rock star at our house!! Jack called her Miss Gweelie, and that's what we still call her to this day.

And i love the haircut!

Clarissa said...

Like the cut, too. GREAT family pic at the top, BTW.