Friday, October 26, 2007

It's QUIZ Friday!!

Pick the one that best describes YOU...

1. Morning person or night person

2. Video or DVD

3. Mini van or mini coop

4. Sweet tea or unsweetened

5. Hannah Montana or Marie Osmond

6. Hymnal or Lyrics on the screen

7. Steak or salad

8. Beach or mountains

9. Michael Buble or Michael W. Smith

10. Religious or Spiritual

11. Dogs or Cats

12. Disney Channel or HGTV

13. CNN or FOX News

14. Driving or Flying

15. Movie theater or rental

This weekend is very very full for us. Eve and Ben get married tomorrow and I am involved in their wedding. We also have birthday parties and other family activities. Sunday afternoon is Trunk-or-Treat at Otter Creek. Everyone is invited so come and join us at 4pm! It will be a blast! Have a great weekend, friends.


Arlene Kasselman said...

1.Night person if I can sleep late in the morning.
4.Only Hot Tea counts
5.Given that Marie used to sing, I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock 'n Roll does it really matter. Actually I love Hannah!
8.Beach- no question!
9.Michael Buble
10. Tricky...I think I am going with "disciple" for this one
14.I wish I could skedoo (like Steve and Blue) because I am queen of motion sickenss either way.
15.Not a big movie girl...probably rental

Amanda said...

1. Night Person for sure
2. DVD
3. Mini Coop
4. Sweet tea
5. Hannah Montana
6. As long as the lyrics are big enough for me to see them (ha!) I don't care.
7. Hello, Texas girl loves her some BEEF!
8. Beach
9. Buble all the way
10. If someone classifies me as either one, I think I'm doing okay.
11. Dogs, dogs, dogs!
12. HGTV
13. Fox News
14. Depends on where I'm going.
15. Rental probably, unless it is an IMAX.

See you in the morning!

Sallie said...

1.night person...mostly
4.tea that is not sweet...well just stinks!
7.Must i choose? I like salad WITH my steak! this moment...mountains...bathing suits are no friend to 8 months pregnant!
9.Buble...unless I'm needing a little "friends are friends forever"
10.I hope spiritual
11.dogs...I CAN'T STAND CATS!
12.I enjoy HGTV...but Disney provides me with my much needed coffed breaks throughout the's a toss up
14.Driving...I LOVE road trips...unless someone I'm traveling with is stinky! that usually means i'm having a night off and I am a bit addicted to the popcorn and DP...not the same at home!

Brandon Scott said...

Here are my answers...

1. More of a morning person than I used to be.
2. DVD
3. Mini van in coop in my dreams.
4. Sweet Tea...McAlister's, please.
5. Hannah Montana these days.
6. Little bit of both, but like having the freedom of the on screen lyrics...and the way it frees people up in worship.
7. STEAK!!! and if it's salad...salad with STEAK in it!
8. Beach--hands down.
9. Michael Buble
10. Spiritual...I like Arlene's word, "Disciple"
11. DOGS. Just say NO to cats of any kind.
12. Disney
13. CNN
14. Fly
15. Movie Theater...yeah baby!

Clarissa said...

Yay!! Eve and Ben are getting married!! I didn't know. I knew when they first started dating, and I knew she felt good about it, but... WOW!!

1. Night person
2. DVD
3. LOVE my Minivan
4. Sweet Lipton Iced Tea!
5. Marie had her place. I think Hannah/Miley is great, though! (much better than some other current "role models.")
6. Lyrics on the screen
7. Salad -- a good Greek one with plenty of Bleu Cheese and a good dressing.
8. Mountains
9. Michael W. Smith
10. Definitely not religious; hopefully Spirit-ual.
11. DOGS!!
12. If it's a good old Disney movie, then Disney. Otherwise, HGTV to learn about all those things I'll never do.
13. FOX & CNN, but very little of either.
14. Usually drive but love to fly.
15. Much prefer a good theater -- nice chairs, stadium seating, surround sound.

Katherine said...

1. Oh, I am such a night owl!!!
2. DVD
3. Mini coop
4. Sweet!
5. Hannah Montana!
6. Lyrics on the screen-unless I don't know it, and I would rather have the music in front of me...
7. salad
8. Beach-but I would love to be where there is BOTH!!
9. I used to say W, but now I am all about Buble!
10. I like disciple too, but if I had to choose I would say spiritual
11. Dogs!
12. Disney Channel
13. CNN
14. Depends on where I am going-I love to drive and love road trips-but they are definitely more enhanced with people!! I also love to fly, too-in fact, I just love to travel!! :)
15. Occassional movie theater, but I love being at home on my own couch, with my remote, my own popcorn in my PJ's! :)

Kara Graves said...

1. definitely night
2. DVD
3. mini coop
4. sweet tea...with a lot of lemon!
5. can I say neither?
6. lyrics
7. salad
8. I am a beach girl.
9. Michael Buble
11. dogs...I really dislike cats, plus they make me sneeze.
12. hgtv--for the house-flip shows!
13. cousin is one of the reporters...
14. it depends how far away
15. rental..I can multi task and get other things done while watching a rental!

judy thomas said...

1. Morning person
2. DVD
3. Buick
4. UnSweetened Tea (Diabetic)
5. Neither--Yuck
6. Lyrics
7. Steak! Joe Allen's garlic
8. Both
9. Love both Buble and Smith
10. Spiritual
11. Dogs
12. Hallmark
13. NBC News
14. Either (Depends on the destination)
15. Theater! Definitely

And I don't believe you have become a morning person.

Craig Fisher said...

1. NIGHT, all the way, you know that.
2. DVD
3. Mini coop, only dorks drive minivans
4. no tea at all
5. Marie, old school
6. Lrics on the screen, gotta hold kids and all their stuff
7. Steak
8. Mountains
9. Buble
10. Religious
11. Dogs only
12. HGTV
13. Aren't they the same?
14. Flying
15. Date - theater, family- rental

Tim Castle said...

1. Night person who has to get up in the morning to get kids to school, and therefore is quite dependent upon caffeine.
2. DVD... or download.
3. Mini van, with a killer sound system.
4. Sweet. This is a problem for me in sweet-tea-deprived California.
5. HannahMarie Osmana.
6. Doesn't matter; I memorize the words, and make up my own parts.
7. Steak. Chicken-fried, if possible. Can you fry a salad? That might work for me.
8. Beach, all the way.
9. Yes.
10. Spiritual, which directs my religious behavior.
11. Depends on how they're cooked.
12. HGTV, if nothing good is on SciFi.
14. I'd say flying, but I'm not a pilot.
15. Movie theater, with a really large soda and a huge box of Red Vines.

julie said...

1. Night person who wishes that she was a morning person.
2. DVD-if I can get my kids to work it for me.
3. mini coop...I do drive a bug.
4. Sweet tea
5. I am not enamored with either.
6. Screen because everyone looks up.
7. Steak.
8. I love both...I am from Maryland and Virginia...we have both. Now I live in Texas and we really don't have either.
9. I love Michael W. Smith leading worship...takes you to the feet of God.
10. Spiritual...I hope that I will never be described as religious.
11. Neither but we have two cats.
12. HGTV.
13. CNN.
14. Road trip if it is with some of my favorite people and fly if it is just too far to be a fun road trip.
15. Movie theater...I love the smell of the popcorn, the light on family and friends faces as they watch and the group dynamics in the theater.

Justin said...

1. I guess night, but I'm not bad in the morning.
2.DVD... really? people still use VHS?
3.Is this for me? Or my family?
5.Hannah Montana
6.Hymnal for songs I learned with a hymnal, and screen for any songs written after 1980.
8.Mountains (snowboarding)
10.If true religion is taking care of the widow and orphan, than I hope to be religious.
11.Cats (less maintenance)

Stephen Bailey said...

1. Night married to a morning. It's a struggle.
2. DVD
3. Mini Van. It's that time of life.
4. Coke
5. I loved Donny and Marie, but these days it's Hannah.
6. On screen. I don't like stopping to call out the numbers.
7. Steak
8. Golf Course
9. Buble
10. I like to think Spiritual, but I have my religious moments.
11. DOGS! Finally, a question I can answer with confidence.
12. HGTV for the wife, Disney for the kids, ESPN por moi.
13. CNN
14. Flying
15. Miss going to the theater. Usually a rental these days.

Amy said...

Do you really want to know this? Here goes...

1. Night person... but Jon might disagree! It's just not my fault that he wants to stay up till 4am!
2. DVD
3. Mini van... I guess.
4. SWEET! With sugar... people in TX think that the pink and blue packets do the same thing! They're so wrong!
5. Neither!
6. Lyrics on screen, except if we used the hymnal it'd give me the Sunday "off"!
8. Beach in the summer. Mountains in the fall.
9. Michael Buble
10. Spiritual
11. Dogs
12. Disney
13. I'm sort of anti-news these days.
14. Would rather fly... always drive!
15. Theater... bust we mostly rent.

Amy said...

1. Night

2. DVD

3. Mini van, for a few more years anyway!

4. Sweet tea - I'm with ya on McAlisters! And, sweet tea is something we have on Texas, you know.

5. What a choice. I'm a Shania gal myself.

6. Lyrics on the screen

7. Steak

8. Beach

9. Love Smitty, and not sure if I've heard Michael Buble.

10. Spiritual. I'm kinda down on religion.

11. Cats (what's wrong with you?!)

12. HGTV

13. CNN

14. Flying, because that usually means I'm headed somewhere exciting!

15. Movie theater. I think Harry Potter was my last movie, don't ya think it's time to go see something?

SG said...

1.Night who longs to be a morning
2. DVD
3. Mini van...three kids don't fit in a mini coop!
4. Half and Half...really
5. Both
6. Screen ever tried to hold a baby and a book?
7. Salad
8. Both
9. Who is Buble? Love MWS
10. Christian trying
11. Neither at the moment but dogs
12. HGTV
13. Neither
14. Rather fly but usually drive
15. Rent