Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here are some things rattling around in my head and heart. I'm pretty convinced of most of these. :)

--God is love. How can Love ever be un-loving?

--In the gospels Jesus often gives the most annoying answers to questions. We like to paint with black and white. His color pallet is quite a bit different. It makes me wonder why we expect such easy answers from God on issues.

--I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world. God is at work on all of us. The broken, the hurting, those who feel far away, those who feel rejected by other Christians...they (we) are all desperately loved by God.

--As much as I love my children and enjoy every moment of laughing with them, hugging, kissing, and talking with them...God, even more-so, enjoys fellowship with us and wants us to KNOW Him in that way. He is not far away. He is very near. I believe Jesus when he said that God's love for us makes the best Father on Earth look puny in comparison.

--God is close to the hurting, the questioning, the lonely. He suffers with us when we feel pain.

--Real joy in Jesus is different from giddiness or your run-of-the-mill happiness. It runs deep. It weathers trial. It brims with hope. It shows mercy and kindness to others. It rejoices with those who rejoice and mourns with those who mourn. It is constant.

--God is big enough to handle doubt. He can take the questions. He's not threatened.

--People who love God have to love people. Period. No exceptions.

--God is not impressed with money, status, position, or rank. But, opposite from this world's standards, he does value a broken spirit and contrite heart. He values vulnerability and real seeking. He is more interested in what's going on in our hearts. I think that's pretty cool.

My mom is a great example of a life-long relationship with God. She did not decide 20 years ago where she stood on things. She prayed. She studied. She doubted. She asked questions--hard questions of God. She was (is) committed to being quiet enough to listen for Him. She is open. She is constantly seeking and learning. What a great example! Thanks, mom!

These things I hold on to. God is Love. He shows me every day and He is changing me. The biggest challenge is to always keep looking...and stay open to His changing work in my life. He is Love...and I'm so thankful!


judy thomas said...

Thanks, Babe. I do value study and solitude--if God does not appear in these two spiritual disciplines, he is really hiding from all of us. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, 2 months ago or even yesterday--why set my beliefs in concrete? God loves those who think He is important enough to open their minds for and who invite Him to come in
risking that doubt will sometimes
occur. Look where doubt got C. S. Lewis--he is probably the strongest apologist for the Christian faith of this century, yet he once doubted God. But he also decided that loving God was the most important thing in his life, and so he embraced "Mere Christianity." I wish he was around today; I would be interested in what he would say about the "Christian world" today.

Sarah said...

TESTIFY, BST and Mrs. Judy!! Precisely why Mrs. Judy Thomas is a wonderful role model for us all.

Anonymous said...

Great statements. I totally A-MEN the comments about your mother. Mrs. Judy embodies what the Christ-life is all about.

-Josh Ross

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I had met your God and your Jesus BST. Unfortunately I met my Jesus at church and that wasn’t the one I was introduced to! And the one I got to know was only reinforced by a legalistic, fundamentalist family so I’m kind of locked into the relationship.
Yours sounds nice though. Its too bad so many people haven’t met the one you have, it sure would make the world a better place.

Brandon Scott said...

You're only as locked in as you allow yourself to be. I know that years from now I will probably look back and wish I had done things differently or better with my kids. I'm trying hard not to have regrets, but the fact is, we're all broken. We're all human. We all wish we could do...or UNdo certain things.

The great news is--the goodness of Jesus is not dependent on us or our friends or our family. He simply is who He is--in spite of us.

I'm so thankful for our friendship and that you have loved me unconditionally. Whether you know it or not--YOU'VE shown me Jesus.

Keith Brenton said...

My 11-year-old daughter is learning to "reduce to simplest possible terms" in math.

Would that more theologians of your caliber could do the same, bro.