Friday, October 12, 2007

random thoughts today...

* NHL Hockey rocks. Went to see the Predators play last night thanks to Kevin. I like hockey for the same reasons I like basketball--more instant gratification. :) The Preds basically stunk, but the game was still fun.

* The weather is absolutely perfect here. Unreal!

* I got to have lunch with Maddie and Ella at school this week. It was pure joy. Ella's class cracked me up. 5 year olds have no sense of personal space. One little boy kept getting right up in my face and asking me, "Do you know you have lots of hair growing out of your bottom lip?" Priceless.

* Maddie's piano lessons are going great. It's kind of surprising how quickly the lessons advance. She's learning how to play with both hands, and how to read treble and bass clef together. She knows all the notes and keys by name and can decipher between quarter notes, half notes and whole notes and the same with rests. She's doing a great job.

* Maddie and Ella are driving us crazy about the trip to Texas next week. They now have stacks of clothes ready to pack.

* Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have Jeff and Anna Berry here?

* We got free circus tickets in the mail yesterday. Interesting. Why would they send free circus tickets? At any rate, I am actually entertaining the idea of going tomorrow with the kids. I haven't yet sold Sheryl on the idea.

* I've had several encounters recently with people who have been burned by church. I really long for the day when we can be defined as Jesus said we are to be our love.

* We've introduced "You Never Let Go", "Let God Arise" and "The Word is Alive" off the new CD. Otter Creek sang them last week and sounded great! We're repeating 2 of them this week.

* I feel so blessed to work with so many amazingly gifted people. I've been thinking about that this week...not just vocally or instrumentally, but heart too! It's such a gift to me.

* I am taking the girls to Lakeshore nursing home with me on Sunday to do their Sunday afternoon service. I feel certain I'll have some stories...

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth S said...

Ahhh, Lakeshore. We used to go once a month as a youth group to do their Sunday PM service. We always had stories!

Sandy said...

We went to a "free" circus once... well, the kids were free, but I purchased a $15 "discounted" adult ticket. Then, at intervals throughout the show, they stopped the show so the ringmaster could push peanuts, balloons, circus coloring books, etc. As my mama used to say, TANSTAAFL (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!)

I found a church of Christ booklet from 1942 at a yard sale today... the first page began to explain how the COC hasn't changed in 1900 years, isn't a denomination, etc, etc. I briefly considered buying it and now I'm sorry I didn't buy it and burn it.

Our favorite songs off the new CD are "Let God Arise", "You Never Let Go" and "Everlasting God." Love it!!

Clarissa said...

My mom's dear friend used to be the director of activities at Lakeshore Heartland in Donelson. I often played the piano for the residents there growing up (either after a worship time or for Christmas parties.) If Lakeshore has a piano, encourage Maddie to do the same. They LOOOOOVE children AND music. They may comment on the hair/lip thing, to, be prepared!!

Anonymous said...

I always cringe a little when people say--"I was burned by the church." What we all really mean is that they were burned by another believer--an imperfect sinner--like us all. I pray I have never burned anyone that badly! I guess I 've know what I need to work on.

When someone tells you their story of hurt, please let them know that this "imperfect sinner" is praying for them and working on herself to become more like Christ, not hurt anyone and I am sorry for their pain. I think what we do to other "family members" has to be some of the most hurtful things we do to anyone.

Love you all and can't wait to see you!


Paul said...

:0 thanks for your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, did Robyn ever nail it! The church issues are only complicated by the people in it. Look at the Isrealites! They had everything handed to them on a silver platter, only to completely screw it up by doing what they wanted versus what God wanted. I guess it's kind of comforting knowing we have so much in common with God's chosen people, but it stinks when we hurt others due to our own humanness. Did I spell that right?

Arlene Kasselman said...

Even though I understand the "imperfect sinner" comment, sometimes I think it is more than that. It is this institution, machine called church that is trapped by its own structure and politics. It is a far cry from what Jesus intended as community. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Being burned by "the church" and being burned by "an imperfect sinner" are just two ways of saying the same thing. The church is the people. The church isn't the building. The church IS the imperfect people that, in my experience, treat those that don't fit into their imperfect mold like crap. So cringe when you hear it if you must but people have been burned by "the church".
I don’t think you can go around saying, as the C of C is known to do, that the church is the people then turn around and bristle when someone says they have been burned by the church because they have really only been burned by “imperfect people” not the church, I don’t think you can have it both ways.

Robyn said...

Dear Anon #2,

The Church, I was referring to, is Christ's view of a community of believers--not a building, or a group that meets at any certain location. I was trying to be authentic about how statements like yours really make me sad. I was looking at myself and my experiences with church--and frankly I have been blessed not to have been hurt so much by the institution. My experience--all 40 years of it--has been dominiated by love, growth and some wonderful experiences. Yes bad things do occur and if I wronged you I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. If someone else in the "church" wronged you--please do not hold it against all believers. Peace to you--Robyn

Brandon Scott said...

basically if the church is full of imperfect people, it's likey it's going to be imperfect--even screwed up sometimes. It's a reality that all of us live with and many times it's wonderful and sometimes it's hard, but it always helps me to know that we're all as in need of God's mercy and grace as the next person. :)