Monday, January 29, 2007

ZOE at College Church on Sunday morning

Sheryl, Amanda, Rich and me

Peter, Lindsey and me. We don't get to see Pete and Lindsey enough. It was fun to be with them! We LOVE you guys!

ZOE leading worship Sunday morning at College Church

Sheryl and Amanda

Rich Smith and me--Rich is the founder of Levi Ministries out of Lubbock, TX. We were involved in Texas All State Choir together a hundred years ago and then got re-connected about 5 years ago. He was a wonderful addition in leading the worship ministers' track.

Karin, Amy, Jason, Sheryl, Amanda and me

Sandra, Lisa, Lex, Lee, Bill, John, Dee, and the entire gang at Fresno made us feel SO at home as they do every single year. "Thank you" does not BEGIN to say enough. We love you guys and we always look forward to being with you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful hearts with us. It was a great weekend!

I am spending today with my family. The girls and I are watching Black Beauty this morning! Have a great Monday, everyone!


Phil said...

Wait, is that Brandon wearing a tie? On a Sunday morning?

Stephen Bailey said...

AMEN! to your thank you to the beautiful people at the College Church! I had a blast! Thanks for all your work BST. I thought the conference was wonderful. It was nice to experience the Fresno you have bragged to me about in the past. You were right about the spirit, the people and the food!

Tim Castle said...

Yeah, the Fresno conference is a great one. The College Church folks are very dedicated to the event, and to the things that ZOE is leading us in learning -- worship renewal, both inside and outside the walls of the church building.

And the smaller size really makes it a much more relaxed event, even for us attendees.

Now if there was only some way I could horn my way into the feed they put on for the presenters and leaders of the conference....

And Phil, I told BST on Sunday morning that dudes in ties make me nervous. He didn't even think about removing it... imagine the nerve!