Monday, October 17, 2005

After our worship services yesterday, Mom said, "Come go eat brunch at Mere Bulles. I'm paying!" Didn't have to ask me twice. We gathered everyone up and headed to Mere Bulles. We like going there because they have out door seating. (Outdoor seating makes eating out a possibility when you have three kids.) It's a beautiful old Brentwood mansion that has been converted into a restaurant.

The food was wonderful. The weather was perfect. The kids did great...until that point. You know...THAT point? Most parents can relate. You have this window of opportunity to eat and leave. If you miss it. You regret it. But, they really did well.

Our real cue to leave came when a server cleaning off the table next to us dropped his tray and a wine glass hit the brick floor shattering into a million pieces, bouncing all over the patio. Actually, I got showered with it. It was nice and dramatic--I had blood dripping down my forehead. (This is chapter 45 in my Why Me book.) Check, please.

Actually, come to think of it, when the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, I said something smart like, "Yeah, I need that like I need a hole in my head." Silly waiter--I was NOT being literal.


We're finally tackling our downstairs bathroom that we haven't touched since we moved in three years ago. We had a family party this afternoon trying to tear off wallpaper. The girls are really into it.

I love days off. I love being with my family. I love it when Maddie or Ella says, "Chase me, Daddy!" And they run off squealing in delight. These are sweet days. So many people have told us they pass so quickly. As Pat Ward says, "Long days, short years!!" It's true. We're soaking in every minute we can.

Have a great Monday, bloggers!


"Snapshot" said...

Your blog today made me laugh. I have that type of luck too! Yes, that window of exit is small.
Yes, they are long days and short years. My boys are 14 and 10. As a photographer I take pictures of many people's children and it's amazine the difference I see from one setting to the next. Time jogs along. It takes a perceptive child of God to notice the noticeable and cherish the cherishable!

Anonymous said...

Your blog made me smile, too. I actually tried to email you today (and I did call Sheryl at home and left a message) to inquire as to whether or not there were ever any times with your kids that tested your patience or proved to be anything other than wonderful! :) To know that you guys have the same window that we do whenver we go to a restaurant is great to know! And I was beginning to think that it was just us (and a few other friends at church who have boys, too!). Thanks for the great blog-do you guys ever raise your voices?

Owen B. said...


Sorry to laugh, but I did. I'm going to the Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa for dinner. (I'm at a conference right now.) I will think of you and the broken wine glass, Charlie Brown.



P.S. Our kids had meltdowns at that age, too. We were never quite wise enough to see it coming. Oy!

Arlene Kasselman said...

I am catching up on blog reading after being at ACU homecoming and wanted to respond to your post about your Dad. (My Dad died when I was 11 and my Mom just 3 short years ago). The pain that is centered around our loss changes when we have kids don't you think. Now when I get that lonely, longing feeling for my parents, it is more about what my kids are missing in not knowing them.

Katey said...

I think I will make you a shirt. It will say "Why me?", because seriously you have the worst luck ever! I mean, glass shards in your forehead- bet Maddie and Ella didn't like that. I'm feeling a lot better, thanks for the message.

cwinwc said...

Brandon - Don't you think you're "wine-ing" just a little. Just kidding. I couldn't resist the pun. I have a friend with your gift/curse as well when it comes to going out to eat. We all love him dearly but we try to sit as far away from him as possible within the confines of good taste so we can keep the collateral damage down to a minimum.

Deana Nall said...

I had a friend at ACU with your luck. She was walking through Super Duper once and a bottle of bleach fell off a display and spilled all over her. It's a good thing the two of you never hung out together -- you'd probably both be dead by now.