Friday, August 26, 2005

How precious it is to be able to agree in prayer with people you're related to by blood. I am so blessed. I have a precious mother who seems to have this endless need to grow and learn. WOW! It's no wonder why I am easily annoyed by older people who have the attitude of having arrived spiritually. You know the kind I am talking about. In fact, that horrible quality is not reserved for those older...many around us seem to feel that way. My mom is a spiritual sponge, soaking in every new drop of growth in Christ. She has not limited herself. She is always seeking, always finding. She's teaching a class Sunday mornings at Otter Creek this fall on Spiritual Formation. I know it will be powerful. I only wish I could go! Since our classes and services run simultaneously, I can't.

I had the surprise this morning of hearing from 2 of my cousins by a three-way call. Linda and Daphne called me--one from Houston, one from Atlanta. We got to laugh and talk about our parents (their mom and my dad were siblings and completely nuts). They are coming to visit us in November. Towards the end of our conversation we were able to share some scripture with each other and then pray. We read Isaiah 35 and Ps. 40 and claimed it over our family and over each other. It made me weep to think about the joy we share in Jesus. We're all in such different places in life and we have all had hard experiences but we find true commonality in Christ even more than our family bond. What a blessing!

Anyone else digging the Lincoln Brewster Live "All to You" CD? I'm LOVING IT! I love track 8, "Surrender". I've loved that song and this is a great version of it. Check it out.

Have a great weekend!


judy thomas said...

Thanks for the sweet words, Babe.

Kirk said...

Brandon, I haven't arrived anywhere in terms of spirtuality. But I am learning and I love to learn as well. Sometimes I get so excited about what I learn and am seeing that I might sound preachy. I pray/ask for grace from those around me in those instances or even to tell me so if that is the case. I don't mean to offend but simply share what I am learning. It is so great to have a friend that forgives foolishness and says I know your heart and helps you and loves you anyway.

Sandra said...

Brandon, your sweet mother was so good to me last year at the ZOE Conf. I was absolutely terrified to be teaching a class and even more afraid when I looked out and saw her in the audience. Probably a similar feeling when Jesus asked John to baptize him. I immediately wanted to trade places and sit at her feet while she taught me instead of the way it was. I wasn't great, but she was encouraging and precious to me. How blessed we all are to have each other to help us be better and better every day.