Thursday, July 21, 2005

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Phil Ware was awesome last night. Oh my goodness. I think the best thing to do if you're interested in his talk is to go on the Otter Creek website (link over there to your right) and order a CD or call the office to order one 615-373-1782.

Phil's message was powerful and convicting. He talked about the dangers of the internet neighborhood--not in a doom and gloom kind of way, but in a very forthright, honest, confrontive way. All kinds of Christ followers--men AND women--are finding themselves stuck in addictive behaviors as a result of internet abuse. And--there is no such thing as being anonymous. There are codes on your computer that allow people to track every site you've ever visited. Phil said he went to a site last week that showed him every single website he had visited since 1994. Now that's intimidating. It's important to have accountability. I was very encouraged.

Our friends, Jaz and Jamie, were there again last night. I think this was Jamie's 3rd time and Jaz's 2nd. It was great to have them with us. I got to visit some with Jaz over dinner in the fellowship hall. They are both really struggling--not like you and I struggle with the mundane things in life. They are struggling to hang on each day. You know what? They aren't the only ones. There are marriages suffering silently, there are friends dealing with issues of addiction and brokenness--and they're all out there (I should say, we're all out there) sitting right next to you each Sunday. Some wear their struggles plainly because they haven't learned yet that most church people don't do that (asinine). Others are finely dressed, full of smiles and greetings, but if you'll take a moment to look into their eyes--to really notice them--you'll see the hollow eyes full of hurt and secrecy.

Scott is speaking this Sunday on the woman at the well and what we can learn from Jesus about outreach. One of his main points will be that we have to become aware. Simply that. When we REALLY become aware of others and aware of God's love for them, it will transform us. I want to be more aware. I want to take time to notice people and look into their eyes and really see them instead of moving from one to the next on Sundays like we so often do. I want a greater awareness accompanied by action. Please, O Lord!

On a different, and funnier note--after seeing the Broadway tour of Peter Pan with the girls, I decided to order the DVD from Amazon (instead of paying $40 that night for one). They have LOVED it. Cathy Rigby really is amazing. However, towards the beginning of the show, Peter is poking fun at Wendy and says "You silly ass". In fact I think he says it a couple of times. I remember my eyes getting big when we were watching it live. Well...and you can see where this is going...a couple of nights ago I overheard Maddie trying to get around Ella in the bathroom and she said, and I quote, "I need out, you silly 'ask'". Yeah--she thinks he's saying "ask". Well, in the moment, ass and "ask" don't sound that different. I don't know when I have done a double take like that. So, now, thanks to you, Peter Pan, we're having to explain why that's not such a nice thing to say. Silly ask!

And on a sad note, I found out that Hollis Talley died this week after battling cancer. His son, Thomas, was a good friend in high school and college (my roommate my first semester of my freshman year). His daughter, Tiffany, is scheduled to be married in a couple of weeks and he was really hoping to make it and walk her down the aisle. I know that family is really sad right now. Would you include them in your prayers?

Lord, thank you for the gift of fathers. Hollis was a great father and a great example to his children. We don't understand why you give and take away. But we ask that you give comfort during this time to the entire Talley family.


Katey said...

I can totally hear Maddie saying that to Ella, and it makes me laugh. My older brother Jamie accidentaly taught Molly "Holy Sh__!" She was about 18 months old (and he was 18) and just toddled into his bedroom one morning and climbed into his bed with him- she woke him up, and scared him to death. She thought it was hilarious and walked around the house for weeks saying it. My Mom didn't find it so entertaining, and I thought my grandparents were going to have heartattacks. We had to be a lot more careful after that about closing doors. :)

Donny said...

Reminds of the Don Garrett scripture at GSP Homecoming breakfast when he would talk about his pledge class. The "Wild A's" - remember that? Gen 16:12 (Darby Translation) Never could imagine having to explain that to my boys if I ever take them!! HA

Brandon Scott said...

HAAA! Donny--that was always the best part of Homecoming Bfast. That cracked me up. Oh...aside from dodging biscuits. That's just a dumb ask thing to do at a Breakfast function.

Malia said...

Shortly after we moved into our house a couple years ago I was in the kitchen when I heard the toilet flush. My daughter and I were the only ones home at the time and she was not yet toilet trained so I found this a bit odd. I walked into the bathroom to find her standing in front of the toilet. I asked her what she was doing and she looked up at me rather matter-of-factly and said, "I put the cr-p in the toilet and I flushed it." I was quite shocked by her response because a)how did she know that word and b)how would know to use it in the correct context? So, I said, "I'm sorry honey, I didn't quite understand you." Again she said, "I put the cr-p in the toilet." Okay, I'm still rather confused. "Honey, can you tell Mommy again what you put in the toilet?" At that point she turns toward the bathtub and points at her bath toys and says, "I went over there, picked up the crab and put it in the toilet." "OH! The crab! Of course." What else would have been?