Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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I didn't write about this last week because we weren't really sure of what was going on and didn't want to make too big of a deal out of it. On Monday of last week Sheryl went in to get some things checked out. She could feel a mass in her abdomen on her right side that was concerning both of us. The doctor was also very concerned after feeling it. It was quite large. She sent Sheryl to the hospital for a CT scan. While she was there, they ordered more tests and Sheryl became very concerned. Meanwhile, I was at home with the kids and Kiki and we were praying and trying not to freak out.

The short of it is that Sheryl's kidney was actually the mass they were feeling. It is roughly the size of a football and has pushed all her other organs to the left side of her body. IT'S CRAZY!! The doctor isn't sure if it's functioning or if it will function again. And while this all sounds very serious, we felt like having a party that it wasn't a football sized tumor. It's funny what perspective does, isn't it?

We have an appointment at the urology surgery center on August 2nd. At that time they will try and figure out what's really going on. Meanwhile, Sheryl continues to walk around with her gigantic kidney. The amazing thing is (and this is a very good thing according to the Dr.) she is in no pain.

Please pray for her healing and that the doctors can figure out what to do for her. We really feel blessed that this is all it is.

Tonight at TGIWednesday, Phil Ware will be speaking on how to navigate the WWW with integrity and wisdom for your kids, etc. I'm sure it will be great.

I found out today that my friend, Lindy, is coming to town next week to do a show. I am really excited to see her. Lindy was my voice coach at Six Flags Over Texas and we worked together at Casa Manana in Fort Worth. I'm so excited for her to see our kids too. Sheryl and I will have so much fun with you, Lindy! Jakie--we wish you were coming too.

Have a great day everyone!


Rick J said...

Wow! What a shocker to have to deal with. Please know that many of us here at Eastside will be praying about this. May your family feel wrapped up in His presence.

Phil said...

You know, if it were anyone else, Sheryl would now have the nickname of Football Kidney.

However, she's so nice and sweet, and I'm really afraid that she would kick my butt.

Stephen Bailey said...

I agree with Phil on the nickname thing. "What up F.K.?"
Seriously, we are thankful for the results, but continue to pray that they will find the cause and fix it ASAP.
On a side note, Steph thought I had a basketball size mass in my belly. As it turns out, the doctor prescribed less couch time, less fried food and more activity. Go figure.

Karen said...

I hope Sheryl's kidney is back to normal soon.

Please let us know what Phil shares with you all. I have a 13yo who thinks she owns the internet, and need some wisdom for dealing with it.

Adam said...

In our prayers man. Glad it isn't more serious (although it is pretty weird).

Brandon Moore said...


SG said...

Been wondering what the big scare was last week...glad to know it is not as bad as it could have been. SSOOO glad that Sheryl isn't in pain! Prayers for her! Keep us posted:)

Chord Guy said...

This is off topic, but we've been watching Dave Stotts' DVD on Rome and accidently found this blog while looking for his site. You might pass this along -- his DVD is absolutely AWESOME! We can't wait until his Greece DVD is out.
Duane Shinn