Friday, November 19, 2004

What an awesome night! TJ rocked! The band sounded amazing! It was such a success. I really feel like a proud parent. I cannot imagine that this record won't take off and be a huge hit for him. He is really a great entertainer and singer. AWESOME JOB, TJ!!

It was fun to be in that venue with friends from Otter. It was fun to see so many people come out in support of TJ. It was cool to look on stage and see TJ and Blake Howard both playing and doing what they love and to think of them interning at OC a few summers ago. For those of you who remember Blake, he's doing really well too. He's still involved at Harpeth Community and playing bass any chance he can.

Thanks to those of you who offered some feedback on the onion thing. Chris--you're right about the flavor. But--has anyone noticed that onions can also smell a lot like really bad B.O.? Sorry.

Does anyone else still have sacks filled with Halloween candy? Sheryl and I are convinced that candy is poison--all of it. If I hear Maddie ask for candy one more time I might have to scream. AND--I hear it a FRACTION of the amount Sheryl hears it.
"I want some candy please"
"No candy, Maddie. Don't ask again."
(a few minutes later..mumbled just in case that might work better...)
"I unt su can-ee"
"No candy!!"


It's rainy here. Thanks to all you Texans who sent it this way. I hope you're all feeling nice and dry today! It's FRIDAY! Yee-haaw! We don't really have any big plans this weekend--for which I am grateful! We have our "first fruits Sunday" this weekend where we're asking people to give the first amount in their pledge for the building. I'll let you know how that goes. Have a blessed and safe weekend, everyone!


Sara said...

I bought TJ's CD yesterday and as I was buying it a girl said, "That is an awesome CD!" I promptly put it in my computer to listen and was shocked when I heard "Out of my League" on it. My husband and I fell in love with the song the summer before our wedding and played it at our wedding. I already love the WHOLE is a rarity that I like every single song on a CD...everyone needs to hear it.

SG said...

I just looked on TJs site and saw that he was at Common Grounds in Waco on November 9th! I missed him! And Common Grounds is owned by my sisters great friend Jill. I would have loved to go meet/see TJ! I guess I will have to settle for the CD! I actually heard two Baylor girls talking about this CD in line at HEB last night. Small world or big time TJ? I guess we will find out soon. BY the way have you heard of a coffe place in Nashville called Caffeine..or something like that?

Brandon Scott said...

Steph--that's so cool! Yes--actually I think it's called Caffino and it's right by our house. We love it! Why?

Anonymous said...

When the girls get a little older where "money talks," here was our strategy. After a couple of days of letting them eat their favorites, my husband made them an offer -- cash for the rest of the bag! (He used the candy to stock his secretary's office candy jar and they got some welcome cash in their pockets.) The $$ amount may depend on the age and determination of the child, but in our book, $10 was cheaper than visiting the dentist for a cavity! And the whining went away, too!

Beaner said...

You can buy a LOT of discounted Halloween candy in the stores for $10. If I was a kid, that's what I'd spend the money on!!!!

Fajita said...

All the chocolate is gone - like Elvis and his mom, like Al Pacino's cash.

Anonymous said...

Hey SG & BST, there is a place downtown called Caffeine. It's on Demonbreun between 40 & the "round about".