Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrity Constellation...final week of rehearsals

This is the last week for the cast of the Celebrity Constellation to be here in rehearsal so this week they are doing their final run-throughs. There are several cast members who I have worked with in other casts. It was fun to cheer them on today.

Stefanie Schapker

Tracey Applebee and Remy Papworth perform a little Fosse

Matt Morgan and Stefanie (Matt was in my Infinity cast last fall-he just got off the ship a couple of weeks ago and is going back out with this cast. Go MATT!)

Jeremy Hardy (Jeremy was in my Infinity cast a year ago)

One of my favorite numbers in their Broadway show is "Our Favorite Son" from Will Rogers' Follies. What a fun song! It's even better with the red white and blue costumes. Kenny Packer is the singer.

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