Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

The wedding last night was BEAUTIFUL! Denise looked incredible and everything was just perfect. We had a blast dancing at the reception and seeing lots of friends. It was an odd collision of all my worlds. I performed the ceremony but it was full of performers from all over. I really enjoyed it because I really love Denise and Jeff and I believe God brought them together.

Now, back to the title of this blog post...

Maddie loves playing "concentration"...a card game that exercises your memory muscles. I am trying to figure out her strategy. She is freakishly good at it. And she told me yesterday that if she thinks real hard her eyes can see what's on the other side of the card. Um...ahem. So, I said, "Prove it." And...she 12 times. She's got some system...and it's my goal to figure it out. (She TOTALLY got my competitive gene). The girl beats me hard--every time.

For the last week there has been a chorus of birds that began their arias around 4am- right outside our bedroom window. Yesterday I mentioned that it made me want to join the NRA and I had fantasies about 4:30am of strangling each little precious bird. God help me. I'm pretty sure the birds overheard our conversation because, for no reason, this morning there was silence. Ahhhhhh.

This morning Michael Easley continued the series at Fellowship on 1 Thessalonians. He taught today from chapter 4. I've always thought that was a curious little chapter. After my father died, I read it over and over. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are on it. Anyone wanna step out there? Michael offered several different theological viewpoints and then shared his leaning. Interesting.

And, finally...(get your tomatoes ready to throw at me)...this whole Susan Boyle thing.'s a phenomenon for sure. I've heard people say it's the most inspiring thing they've ever seen. Some have said it's because she has faced so many trials in her life and now is getting her just reward. It IS inspiring to hear what she has been through...her selflessness in the face of great difficulty. I can't imagine that anyone would ever discount her heart and precious spirit. But, after the 100th time I got an email saying it was the best thing they'd ever seen... I have to say (and no offense)...but her voice makes me go hmmmm. I totally get the inspiring story and the emotional impact of that. But I don't get the voice. Am I crazy?? (wait..that's a rhetorical question.)


Amy Woods said...

Ok, I'm going to have to say I sort of agree with you about Susan Boyle. Of course, I'm no singer so I really don't have room to talk!! And you are not the first person I know that have birds singing at all hours of the night outside of they're bedroom window. Now there's another thing that makes you go hmmmm....!!

mundiejc said...

She's mimicking one of the people that performed that song in the london production of les mis. That's why she sounds goofy. And the story is wonderful, but she's not a great singer. And I imagine that this is part of Simon Cowell's promotion and production genius.

Robin Brannon said...

That is quite the pecuuliar chapter. I have some ideas about it, especially the last part, but I think my ideas are pretty much surface-level. Of course, Paul had in mind that Christ was returning during Paul's lifetime, so that could be part of my confusion. I'm not exactly sure, though, if there's some deeper meaning that I'm missing or something like that. Then again, I'm not much of a theologian, either.

About Susan Boyle, I'm glad I'm not the only one who questioned her vocal ability. I'd like to hear her do other music to make a true assessment, but, although the story was remarkable, I wasn't quite feeling her voice.

Great... Now I look like a jerk!

Karen said...

My 17yo was saying the same thing. She said the only reason people are making such a fuss is because Susan isn't one of the "pretty people." If she had a gorgeous face and figure, folks wouldn't have quite the same reaction. I am inclined to agree.

Beaner said...

Susan Boyle - the combination of her life story, the song selection & it's lyrics, and the audience's initial reaction to her, combined to make it a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Her voice is better than most, but not spectacular in & of itself. I still like her though.

Dusty Chris said...

I understand about the whole "competition thing" with kids. It was a sad day indeed when my son beat me in golf at age 12 (and continues to do so). I guess we want our kids to be greater than we are one warned me than it might hurt the dad's pride to be smoked. good luck on figuring out her system (and let me know it so I can beat my son).