Monday, April 06, 2009

I got back late last night from the Spirit where install went very well. The old cast finished very strong in their final shows and the new cast was acclimating quickly. It was neat to see the old cast be so sad to leave each other. They really all became grew very close to each other and became family. Their closeness paid off in great chemistry on stage.

After "On the Radio"
(L-R) Vicki, Amy, me, Jeff, Topher and Zoie

Kelly and Denise we a part of the production team with me. They did a fantastic job out there!

(L-R) Vanessa, me, Kelly, Adam, Jalynn, and Rudi

Kevin, Amy, Megan

The outgoing cast was finishing up 8 months of performing out there. They really did an amazing job! I captured a few moments of their closing shows for you to see just to give you a taste. Kudos to all of that cast for a fantastic contract and amazing shows!

A little peek into the "Mama Mia" section

"Wicked" section--Good News/ No One Mourns the Wicked


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