Sunday, May 03, 2009

l'Ete du Vin Auction and Time With Friends

We had a big week at work with lots of big shows going on. But more on that later...

The highlight of my week was time with good friends. We went over to Jason and Alisha McArthur's house with Scott and Amy Westerman. Amy, Jason, Sheryl and I have sung together and travelled together with ZOE for years...over 12 years now. The friendships you make doing that kind of work together are indescribable.

Jason regaled us with stories from his week in NYC where he was with a couple of different artists mastering their records. He suggests that we all look for Leland's new record as well as Phil Stacey (from American Idol fame). Jason is Vice President of A&R at Provident (Sony BMG) and Alisha is a brilliant publicist there too...she makes everyone look good! :)

Scott and Amy were also so much fun to be with. We miss them immensely. I am glad we'll have this week in Cali with Amy.

Jason, me, Scott

My boy!
This week we had a series of events with l'Ete du Vin..a charity Wine Auction and Gala in Nashville. Gary and I produced the tastings on Thursday and the Premiere Auction last night. Here are some pictures from the events...

The tasting was at the brand new Hutton Hotel in downtown Nashville. It is gorgeous! And, although it was the very first event at the hotel since it opened, the staff did a great job!

At the Premiere Auction last night they raised lots of money for cancer research. Here are some pictures of the event in the Delta Ballroom at Opryland Hotel.

The centerpieces were done by Elle Reed. She does a great job! Her shop is called Elle's Marche Des Fleurs and you can see her stuff at

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