Saturday, May 09, 2009

Malibu, California

We just got back from Malibu and we are wonderfully exhausted. It was a great 3 days with the ZOE's at Pepperdine University. It was also sweet to be with my family.

We sang in Smothers Theater each day with Mike Cope teaching (we've been doing that with him for over a decade now). We did a worship night in Smothers on Thursday as well. This year we also lead in the Firestone Fieldhouse. It's the arena at Pepperdine. We really enjoyed it!

Firestone Fieldhouse on Wednesday night

We sang each day with a packed out Smothers Theater crowd. It was such a blessing to hear all those voices singing so passionately!

Our Smothers...clearly engaged.

One benefit of being in Malibu is the BEACH! We went a couple of times and the kids loved "chasing" the waves.

Maddie and Ella at Zuma Beach

Kevin sang with us--so Kiki and baby Gracie came too! It was Gracie's first time to the beach!

Each morning we woke up early and went down into the village shopping area in Malibu to John's Garden (and coffee at the Coffee Beanery!) The kids loved playing on the playground there in the mornings.

Maddie, Sam and me


Maddie and Sam

It was a great week--although juggling working out of the office and all the ZOE responsibilities was a difficult task, it was well worth it. We saw lots of old friends. Dan and Wendy Jacoy, who I met on tour over TWENTY years ago (I fossilized as we counted up), were as delightful as always. Our time in the stairwell at Smothers with Mike...priceless. I loved hearing my brother, Josh Ross, knock it OUT OF THE PARK on Friday (check his link to the right). Eating at Marmalade, feeling sand between my toes, time with Jeff and Melissa Howell...such a great week! We feel so blessed. Thank you to everyone who loved on us this week!

We're home after a long 4 hour flight...and the kids are nestled in their beds. God is good to us!

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annie said...

Love the pics of your time at Pepperdine. My husband & I had a great time there too, & hated to leave the amazing weather, not to mention the great presentations! I SO enjoyed y'all leading on Wednesday night at Firestone....Zoe Group is still the best in my book for leading worship! Loved it!! Hope you'll continue for many years to come.