Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NCL Majesty Rehearsals Begin

The cast of the NCL Majesty began rehearsals this week. I am teaching the singers and I am so thankful for this amazingly talented cast! Jasmin Richardson (2nd from left) is someone I have been wanting to work with for over a year. I first saw her in the leading role of "Aida" at ACU in the fall of '07. She is fantastic! Blake is one of my favorites too (a returning performer). John Michael is also returning to us and he's got a great voice. Paige is new--we discovered her at a local audition. She is graduating from Belmont with a degree in Musical Theater. Fantastic performer!

Blake, Jasmin, John Michael, and Paige

I am also glad that all of our dancers are returning performers. Carissa and Topher were recently on the NCL Spirit and Gary and Amanda worked for us on Celebrity.

Congratulations to this cast on a fantastic start!

A little taste...the batteries on my camera ran out before I could capture more.

I leave tomorrow for a quick trip to the NCL Sky to check out one of their shows. 2 nights and then home!

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