Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cydcor National Conference

We had quite a week...two huge events back to back. This weekend Gary produced the Cydcor National Conference in association with Orion. It was a crazy load-in and load out. We had two major stage sets. I counted up and in just 48 hours time, I was at the convention center about 35 hours. I was stage manager for the business meeting and awards show. Gary did a fantastic job as producer!

Sheryl was project manager for the table decor for the awards show. It was MASSIVE. The people at the convention center said it was the largest crowd they had served. There were almost 300 tables...set for 2556 people. Sheryl and her crew did linens and center pieces for all of the tables. It was a huge job!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Load-in and set up for the awards banquet

The set for the business meeting in the East Hall

Business set

It was fun to have all our worlds friends, work friends. Adam Bastien was on Sheryl's crew. Adam is one of our performers...he was in one of my Celebrity Infinity casts and will be in my next NCL Spirit cast.

Glow sticks are fun!

Chris Lyle makes sure the guitars are ready to go

This is one of my favorite sets that we have at Gary Musick. The cool thing is...the big microphone on stage is actually the lectern!

Glow sticks are glowing and ready!

A big concrete room is hard to transform. Gary used big LED light bars to up-light the posts.

birds-eye view

When the doors opened, the lights were turned down and everything was glowing.

A look back at the hall. 282 tables seemed like a sea...

The night was a huge success.

Sheryl's crew did SUCH a great job! They had so many tables to do, it seemed overwhelming, but they had a great time and laughed along the way. I captured a little "glow dancing"!

We got home about 2am and crashed. I don't know when I have been so tired. Today has been a great day of rest!

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