Monday, December 22, 2008

For the Love of Gracie!

Warning...gratuitous pictures of Baby Gracie. I am a proud uncle...what can I say? She is so perfect! We got to spend part of our Saturday with them. What a joy!

SO SWEET! The kids are absolutely ga-ga over her!

I loved how she just snuggled up wit me. Poor old girl...shes going to be so spoiled!

Sheryl and I loved this picture because it looks like Gracie is smiling too! :)

Ella was absolutely precious with her. Ella has always been fanatical about babies. She sat in the chair holding her for a long time. Everyone else just went about their business and I was watching Ella. She just stared at her the whole time. Ella kept trying NOT to smile but her smile would just break forth...I literally had tears. It was so sweet. On the way home she told me, "Daddy, I really don't need a baby doll for Christmas. Gracie is way better."

Maddie and Gracie

Oh, the things these girls will all get into!

Sunday morning we went to Fellowship and my mom came with us. It was incredible, as it always is. Sheryl and I both wept as Jeff Helton (one of the preaching ministers) talked about Immanuel...God WITH us. He spoke of the power of God's real presence. He also talked about losing his mother at an early age. Since both Sheryl and I have dealt with the loss of a parent early in our lives (Sheryl was 3 and I was 20), we both wept to hear him speak of God's power working in those situations. It was an awesome morning.

After church we went to my mom's house for "Supper Soup"...a soup my family has been eating since 1969 thanks to the wonderful and talented Pat Phillips. We ate and watched the Titans overpower the Steelers. GO TITANS!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of pics taken at my mom's house. She truly is the queen of Christmas decorations!

Santa Maddie
Santa Ella

I pulled out my favorite Fisher Price city from when I was 4 years old for Sam to play with. He was having a blast.
Below is a video of the kids with Gracie

Last night the kids wanted to do a "show' for Sheryl and me. They had been rehearsing and "choreographing" and wanted me to video. Hilarious.'s a Christmas greeting from our home to yours! :)


mundiejc said...

As if there were a question if to whether or not your kids were gonna be singers, this ends it. Great pitch matching skills... and that's no easy melody for a child. I hope when I have kids that they'll be singers.

annie said...

Loved both little videos, but especially your kids performing---and Ella in high heels is hysterical. I love the way she wanders around the "stage". Looks like your whole family knows how to make the most out of "Merry Christmas"!

Have a wonderful one!