Thursday, December 11, 2008

William Morris Agency Christmas Party

One of our favorite events to produce is the William Morris Agency's annual Christmas party. And, according to a reporter who was there covering the event, it has "become the ticket to have in the music industry for the holidays." At this party, WMA invite their artists, managers, corporate executives and agents from Nashville and L.A. It's always a great place to see interesting people...Alison Kraus, Clint Black, and his wife, Lisa Hartman, Jimmy Wayne, other country starts and and a few hard to miss Titans. It's also a fun time to catch up with old friends and get to catch up on things happening in each others' lives.

Thanks to Senior Agent, Paul Moore for bringing us in year after year to transform their space into party central!

The picture below is a rendering of what we thought we wanted it to look like...ideas that could help form the decor of the party. The WMA staff wanted to do something early sixties---like 57-62.

The crazy thing about this party is, one day it's a parking garage and then next day it's a hip, vibey lounge!

Keith Brogdan (one of our art directors) and I fought in the silver tree fluffing army for a while this morning.

Here's a view into the garage that will soon be our vibey 60's club

This car, a 1959 Cadillac, was given by Hank Williams Jr. to the agency...years ago. The car is affectionately known as "The Senator"
(Keith has planted himself as a living car model. )

Well, geez...I want a pic too!!! What a SWWWEEEEET ride! Like 6 mpg. Literally.

The sweet "Senator"....ahh! Parked and safe. WHEW!

Sheryl and Gary bundled up as we freeze getting the decor going while still feeling the reality that we ARE in a parking garage. When do those heaters get turned on?

Though it looks to be a mess...there is a vision. There is a plan!

Another one of our art directors, Dean is giving things a final touch.

Gary and I couldn't make it without these guys...Jacob Driver (far left) and Chris Lyle. These guys know how to make things happen. Chris is our operations manager and on of my go-to guys when I need great ideas for new sets. Jacob not only builds sets, he also drives our Gary Musick trucks all over the world!

We went with a series of spheres to give that 60's feel. I personally LOVED it. I thought the guys knocked it out of the park on this one!

These groovy guys (above and below) were the centerpieces. Our art guys bought old records and with a heat gun molded the records into cool bowls. My favorite one was the Columbia Record's copy of "Innocent Man" by Billy Joel. Do you know how MUCH I listened to that record/cassette?

ahhhh....The Senator (try saying that with a thick southern accent...Thah Senatahh)

In order to create a lounge feel, we developed different sitting areas
This was the entry way into the party

The logo that looks like 4 X's is really a capital sized W and another capital M laid over each other...for William Morris

For the bars, we build bar surrounds that had kind of an animated feel with 60's looking martini glasses and things. The bartender back there is Patti. Patti is my buddy. I see her at different functions and always try to make her laugh.
We were able to get together for a rare photo before the party got started. All the producers with Sr. Agent Paul Moore
(L-R) Curt Wallen, Gary Musick, Paul Moore, BST, Bert Hensley

My buddy Val!! Back when Sheryl started working for an agent at William Morris, Val was there. We've loved her ever since. But it's been fun to actually get to do some projects together. Valerie Summers and her husband are also part owners in our favorite vineyard and winery, "Arrington" (you've seen our pictures from out there) Val and her husband work with Kix Brooks from Brooks and Dunn who invested in that vineyard with them years ago---and it turned to pay off! Beyond business, Valerie is just a great human. I'm thankful for our friendship. Val now serves as an agent for artists in the aduilt contemporary world...Bill Cosby, Foreigner, etc...

This bar served specialty drinks from the 60's...Rob Roy, Side Car, 007, etc

More groovy sitting space

I was excited to run into Janelle Arnold! Janelle was in our last home group at Otter. She's has a great year and moved up to Associate Producer for some TV specials and other interesting things I am so excited to see what God is cooking up in her life. We miss you, Janelle!

At its peak, it was a crowded night of lots of fun,

This video will give you little perspective as the final walk through before doors opened.

It is always one of the more challenging and fun events of the year. Thankfully, the weather held out for us at least til after load out. Because now...we're looking at a winter wonderland!

Maddie's Christmas Program got moved to next week so tonight basically ended up being a dress rehearsal but she looked cute! It snowed and so they had to postpone the show until next Tuesday when we're supposed to be going to see Point of Grace sing at Otter Creek. We've been friends with David and Shelley Breen for many years now. Shelley is the short, funny blonde singer and David started a company called The Breen Agency which represents them. David and I knew each other back during college when I came out to intern at Reunion Records. That was a LONG time ago! So...we'll have to figure something out for next week. But here is a little taste of the goodness we've got in store. I have to say...I was IMPRESSED with this PE teacher who took all this on herself. It was really brilliant!

Maddie and me!

Maddie and Gracie is ALMOST here!!

Will tomorrow be a snow day?? Who knows. Sheryl and I hope it won't!! We've got a huge convention to load in at the convention center. More on that and fun pics to come over the weekend. Pray that we survive as we dive off the cliff again tomorrow! (but, I do LOVE snow!!!)


dve said...

Looks like I need to get on that list since most of the talent I book at Vanderbilt is from WMA. Thanks for the post. It might be the closest I get to attending :)

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

BST - really cool party setup!! I love seeing the rendering up front and then the final product at the end!!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Somewhere out of the blue, landed on your blog! Hadn't seen Gary Musick in years! wow! How random! Another great looking party!