Monday, December 29, 2008

Minnesota Fun

We had a LOOOOOONG drive to Minnesota...but we made it here and we're having a blast. I just have to say one thing about the in large, people in Wisconsin do not have any concept of "slower traffic keep right". Seriously. Eat less cheese and GO, PEOPLE! jk.

It's beautiful here. There's a hill right outside Chris and Gail's house. I captured some pictures of sledding this morning. We're going to Macy's downtown this afternoon to see some Christmas display--apparently the entire 8th floor...

Our kids LOVE their cousins! It's so fun to watch them play. for more snowy fun!

Sheryl and me

Maddie and me

My kids dared me to bring this ski hat left over from college days. They didn't know that I love a dare!

Canaan, Ella, and Maddie

Ella and Canaan

Ella and Canaan

Sheryl and me

I love the sound of those squeals of delight!!


Gary said...

Love those snow shots! But that ski hat...WOW! Glad you guys made it safely. Let the fun begin!

judy thomas said...

Remembering Cloudcroft---Mom