Monday, December 29, 2008

Minnesota Fun #2

This after noon we rode the subway train into downtown Minneapolis to the shopping district. There is an 8 story Macy's there and the 8th floor is a Christmas wonderland entitled "A Day in the Life of an Elf".

Everyone had a blast!

on the train to downtown

Sam absolutely loves his uncle Chris!

Sheryl and her sister Gail

The kids at Macy's

The displays were amazing!

Santa's workshop

The shop beyond these displays had gingerbread cookies for sale. The smell was incredible!

Tonight we are having a date night with Chris and Gail while Chris's sister babysits. We're going to the Mall of America to ride roller coasters! Yes...roller coasters in a mall.


judy thomas said...

Looks like a huge expansion of those displays we used to look at in the windows of Thorntons.

Kara Graves said...

your trip sounds like so much fun! You all have a great New Years and enjoy being with the ones you love. I have never been to the Mall of America but that is one of my goals in life.

Kiki said...

I am so jealous!! The snow looks awesome and it appears the kids are having a blast. I am so glad that you are having fun. I am definitely going to make a trip to the mall of america, but I'll make the trip by air!!