Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yesterday we went to see Ella and Sam's Christmas program at school. It was so cute! The kids really sang out and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Sam was clapping to the music!

Ella was singing "Rock the Baby, rock rock the baby..."

Afterwards, Santa visited each class room where they were having their Christmas parties. This is Ella's class. One of the most hilarious moments happened yesterday. A little boy in Ella's class who is very attentive to her :) was sitting on Santa's lap and Santa jokingly asked him if he wanted a girlfriend for Christmas (hello, Santa...these are 5 year olds!!!). Ella piped up and in a VERY loud voice in front of students, parents and everyone yelled... "YOU'VE GOT A GIRLFRIEND AND IT'S ME!!!" Wow.

Ella and one of her best buddies, Emma

Sam's class also had their party. His teacher, Miss Julie, is so sweet! Sam really loves her--as you can see in this picture!

Sam told Santa he wanted a Spiderman and a Superman.

This just about says it all...when in doubt, devour the snowman. Love it! Thursday we have Maddie's program and then kids are out of school til the new year. Mercy.

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Sarah said...

That Ella -- I really hope she comes out of her shell eventually! :-) I hope that precious guy gets all the super heroes in the world!