Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Santa came and our house was transformed all day into a live concert thanks to the girls' new CD players and Hannah Montana Microphones. Sam ran around stabbing people with his new sword one minute and then would change into his Superman outfit and begin jumping (over buildings...or off chairs). It was a very fun day. My mom was here and we celebrated together.

Sam had a big day. Part of his Christmas gift was a BIG BOY BED! Sheryl made him an awesome headboard and made everything look so nice. Sam was so thrilled.

Here are some pictures of our family time...

Christmas Eve at Nonnie's...such a blast! The girls were beside themselves after opening their CD players and CDs from Nonnie! Sam got a playschool garage tower with lots of cars. He loved it!

Santa came to visit at our house the next morning. I snapped this in that awesome last moment of stillness on Christmas Day before the party kicked in.

The kids raced down the stairs as if their lives depended on it. They all screamed as they ran into the den...always my FAVORITE Christmas moment. I love seeing the looks on their faces!!

Mommy scored big with the outfit she bought Maddie. Maddie loves it!

"Seven Seas Sam" came to life at our house yesterday. And by the way...plastic swords still hurt when you get hit with them.

Maddie and Ella spent most of the day listening to their CD players and singing into their new Hannah Montana microphones.

Sam clearly loves is new "big boy bed". Sheryl did a great job!

The kids all enjoyed piling on Sam's bed with him. Later, during naps, we overheard Maddie on the monitor go in and wake Sam up and whisper to him... "Sam, isn't this great? Now you can get up whenever you want to and don't even have to call for Mommy or Daddy!" This should be interesting. :)

We talked a lot about why we give gifts and what we're celebrating. We ate some great food. We watched a pretty awesome parade on TV. We enjoyed being together. I'm grateful for Jesus who brings me such abundant joy--often shown to me through my sweet family!


maryann said...

How fun!!!!! I love the headboard, Sheryl!!! I am not surprised, thoughh. Love you, friends. I have been thinking so much about you.

Katelyn said...

I happened upon your blog not too long ago and read it frequently - I was reading over a May 2004 post where you mentioned the Creech family and the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis for young Julia. I too have Cystic Fibrosis (diagnosed at birth), am 22 years old and live a full and wonderful life thanks to God. I know it's VERY busy with the holidays but if you could, I would love to contact the Creech family and encourage them, if they were OK with it. I understand completely if they are opposed. I know it's been more than 3 years since your post, but it's been placed on my heart and I just cannot shake it! Happy holidays to you and blessings on your family during this season!

Anonymous said...

cool pics- love them- glad it was a great christmas, wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brandon,

I would send this to your email, but didn't know when you would get back to the office--Merry Christmas!

My dear friend Debbie, in Indiana, lost her husband on Christmas Day evening to a brain tumor. She has tenderly cared for him for months, no years, as he has slowly lost his strength and his memory. This summer at Bible camp was the last time I saw him. She had come to work in the kitchen, but decided to leave on Tuesday, as he was not acclimating to the new scene so well (although he's been to camp for years--it was all new and confusing to him). Since her kids (13,11, and 8) were in good hands she thought they might need some alone time for a few days, as Dennis was losing ground fast. I was so sorry to see her go, because we always look forward to spending time together at camp, and sharing homeschooling tactics, and making plans for our kids to be friends forever, you know. She was disappointed as well, but knew her time with Dennis was short, and they packed up.

I ran to my cabin and got a Zoe cd for her to listen to on the way home. I think it had "Blessed Be Your Name." We cried and said our goodbyes.

I've talked to her a few times this fall, and each time she said Dennis was weaker, eventually needing to be fed, then in a wheelchair, then in bed, but God was so good. On Christmas Day I called and she cried a little, said the kids were at their cousins and Dennis was unresponsive. Hospice care had prepared her that it wouldn't be long, and she said she was at peace and God had been so good to them.

She called Wednesday morning while it was still dark and said Dennis had gone home. She said it was so precious and she held his hand and talked to him for an hour about the blessing he had been in her life. She said the Zoe cd was playing and he just slipped away. It's probably not the first time, but you have ushered someone into the presence of the Lord, and I am grateful. I just wanted you and Sheryl to know.