Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rehearsals for our Christmas concert are in full swing. Though we began in October, it seems like December has snuck up on us. We have a week and a half! Whew!!!

One new element this year is dance. We have three kids dancing a beautiful ballet piece during "Sing Joy". They look FANTASTIC! I have worked with Claire at Gary Musick Productions. She has choreographed some of the shows there. I asked her to come and work with our kids. She has been brilliant. The girls love her and she has really done a great job teaching them. She is from England and the girls love hearing her accent! She also loves the Lord and it's so evident in her teaching and in her dancing.

Here are a couple of pictures of Claire with the girls.

The trees back there are 15 foot trees...thanks to Vonda for driving to INDIANA to get them!! Mercy. And, thanks to Cory Davis for climbing ladders to decorate and assemble the top parts...because, friends, you know who was NOT giong to be climbing a ladder. :)

Pictured above is Julie Crothers, Claire Williams, Allie McGill, Madeline Burkhart

I thought I would share some clips of songs from our concert coming next weekend. This first one is the one the kids will be singing and dancing on..."Sing Joy"

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This next one is one of my favorite ones...I love the end. This is "All Bow Down/Come All Ye Faithful"...

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I'll share more over the next week but wanted to leave you with this one..."A Savior Is Born Medley". It's probably one of the more difficult songs we're doing this year. The chords are funky and it's a lot of fun. George Rowe and Sheryl (my wife) are doing the solos. It's gonna rock my face off!

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Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


Phil said...

We were jamming out to Sing Joy and All Bow Down in our living room last night. I think Connor gets his clapping rhythm from me.

preacherman said...

Same here.
Great post brother.
God be the glory.
I love this time of year because of all the wonderful music given to His son, his birth, about the message of why he came into the world, the feelings of Jesus' mother, all the glory be to God Almight who was willing to send His One and Only into the world for all of us.
God bless you and Zoe. May you and your group be blessed this holiday season.

In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Luke said...

Why didn't you ask me to help dance?