Monday, December 17, 2007

The concert last night went so well! I was so proud of everyone. It was such a blast!
Here are some pictures...I'll post some more in the next couple of days after Phil sends me some from his AWESOME new camera! :)

George Rowe and Sheryl sang a couple of songs together...and at one point I was just undone. It was so incredible I just wept.

Jeff Berry sang "Light of the World" and then a new song called "You Are the Light" with Amanda Vickers. It was so beautiful!

Julie Crothers, Madeline, and Allie were absolutely perfect. Not one missed step. I was SO proud of them...and they radiated!

Maddie...look at the audience...not the dancers! :)

We had a great night. I wish all of you could have been there! A big kudos goes out to Cindy Craig's mom and sister who made a long road trip to Nashville for the concert and to Amanda Vickers family and extended family for flying in from TX. It was great to see all of you!

No rest for the weary...Sam and Ella have their own school Christmas programs this morning! Yay Ella and Sam!


Katey said...

I think the pictures you have look pretty great :) Who was your photographer? Seriously though, last night was amazing and really helped me a lot- I needed that.

The Blankinships said...

brandon - you did an AMAZING job with the program last night!!! every one was wonderful, and i too was so moved while sheryl and george sang. thank you so much for sharing the talents and gifts that God has given you with us...we were truly blessed, and He was truly glorified. merry christmas, friend!

Christy said...

The show was incredible...the singers and musicians all did a great job. I thought the dancers were cute too, but Christian didn't agree...I asked if liked the dancers and he flat out said 'NO'...each to their own:) Thank you for all the hard work you, Sheryl and others put into it

Phil said...

I posted my pics over on my blog.

annie said...

I so wish I could've been there! Little Rock to N'ville on a Sunday is just too far, & I regret that. I encouraged my older sister, who just moved to N'ville, to attend. We've played phone tag since Sunday, so I'm not sure if she made it, but she was sure going to try!

Merry Christmas, & I'll look forward to '08 reading your blog.