Thursday, December 27, 2007

We are enjoying a visit from my lifelong friend, Kyle Dickson and his family. His wife Camille and I had Freshman Bible together with Tony Ash. We were instant friends. Kyle and I made a couple of road trips to Nashville in college. The last time he was here was to be a groomsman in our wedding. It's so fun having them here...with their kids Colin and Chloe. Maddie, Ella and Sam are so excited to have them staying with us.

Sam has a new joke. The first time it wasn't funny. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th time it wasn't funny...but over time it has gotten really hilarious. I think it's because he delivers it the exact same way each time.

Sam: Knock Knock
me: Who's there?
Sam: Sam-tootie
me: Sam tootie who?
Sam: chicken and fries.

I know...but hearing him dead pan the "chicken and fries" line kills me. Sam tootie who? Chicken and fries.

By the way...I am loving getting to tuck Sam into his new big boy bed at night. He's growing so fast!!


Sheila said...

Oh Brandon! That joke TOTALLY reminds me of your Dad. He would have LOVED it!

Arlene Kasselman said...

Okay so this cracks me up. Michaela used to tell us a joke she heard on Zaboomoofoo (or however you spell it). She only ever heard part of it but thought she had the whole thing. We used to listen to it and slap our legs laughing and then glare at each other, with the "what?" expression. She is now almost 12 and this is when she was about 4. No kidding, 2 years ago, Spencer says, hey I've got a joke and tells the same old joke, but he heard the whole thing and we finally got the punch line. Both of us just lost it and were crying we were laughing so much. We had waited 6 years for this joke. This time he looked at us with the "what?" expression - because he even knew it wasn't that funny.

Amy said...

Our boys are really good at making up knock-knock jokes, too... the not at all funny but totally hilarious ones. Our knock-knock jokes almost always have a banana in it! haha