Saturday, December 08, 2007

This morning at Otter Creek we had our annual "Family Christmas Breakfast". It is a wonderful tradition and has grown considerably over the years. Our children's ministers, Janet and Melanie do a fantastic job with it. Vonda McGill heads the decorating committee and they do a brilliant job.

Here are some pictures from our morning...

Maddie, Ella and Sam are ready to begin.

Everything was decorated in penguins today. Sam and several other kids dressed as penguins and sang on stage with us...

Christmas carols!

Janet read a story..."What God Wants for Christmas"

The family!

After the time together in the sanctuary everyone was separated into 3 groups. One group went to crafts, one went to the gym for breakfast, and one group went to see Santa. At crafts everyone made these really cool pillow cases that were printed saying "...and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!" The kids painted and used foam stamps to decorate their case. Kristen Brown is hard at work helping her kidS. (see comment from Kristen on this post)

The tables in the gym were all decorated with penguins. I thought this little guy was especially cute!

Santa was great! The kids were all excited to see him and talk to him! We had a great morning.

By the way...the clips from the last few days do actually play. You have to hit the little button on the left to make it play. (I have to hit mine twice) Sometimes it takes a second to load and get going, but it does work!


Kristen Brown said...

You need an update; I would beg of you to mention that I am pregnant so no one thinks that I am naturally shaped like a tent! :)

Elizabeth S said...

Congrats Kristen! Four is awesome!

Josh Ross said...

Wish I could have been there. I was praying for you this morning.

SG said...

Duh...just call me a blond!
When I first read this post it was Sunday night and I thought you had a Breakfast with Santa as your Sunday service.. and I thought "WOW! Otter really is a different kind of C of C!" But i have to say, the thought of the assembly breaking into three groups to do crafts with the kids was strangely appealing! :)
They do know that there are no penguins at the real North Pole? Right?