Friday, December 28, 2007

The fingerprints of God are everywhere. Tonight while the Dickson's were at their wedding we needed to get out of the house. We took the kids to McDonald's to play. Sheryl and I sat there feeling somewhat gloomy after a rainy day and full of thought about this new season in our lives when a family with 4 small children walked in. The mom and dad were probably 7-8 years younger than us. We ended up getting into conversation with them. The husband is a musician and currently out of work. The mom sat rocking their new 2 week old baby.

As we talked, we discovered that they were believers and it got us on the topic of faith and God's work currently in our lives. As we discovered what a similar place we were all in the conversation began to overflow. We confessed things we were feeling, laughed together, and committed to meeting again. They are from California and have only been in Nashville about a year.

As we were leaving, they asked if we could pray together. What a blessing!! What a relief to meet strangers who were suddenly family! We gathered at a table in the play area and prayed. As we did, the fingerprints of God showed up in living color in that room. We left there feeling refreshed and encouraged by the Spirit of God.

Yes, I believe God is real and He is active today...even at McDonald's!


julie said...

Brandon, I love this. I love that God's Spirit was living and active in a McDonald's play area....I always knew he must be there.

Amy said...

What a huge blessing! Your story nearly brought me to tears because Jon and I are definitely experiencing times of uncertainty and we're wondering what is in store for our lives. To think about you guys running into strangers at McD's and seeing how God used them to minister to you, restores my faith and my hope in God's plans for our lives... mysterious as it may be still.

maryann said...

What a beautiful story! Thank you, Lord. If we will all just open our eyes to those around us, we will see people God is sending to encourage and strengthen us.

Amy Westerman said...

I think God must also be involved in some way in the whole french-fry-making process--- or is that the devil?!? :)