Thursday, November 29, 2007

We had our first rehearsal last night with the band. They are awesome! We fast approaching December 16th. I hope some of you can come! The choir is doing a great job! Tonight we have our first choreography rehearsal with the kids. That will be fun too!

After rehearsal for Christmas I met with the singers who are doing "Seasons of Love" Sunday. It's also sounding great. We prayed afterwards that the message of the song would glorify God and thanked Him for blessing us with His love.

Hope you are doing well!


annie said...

BST, Is this the "Seasons of Love" song from "Rent"? I LOVE that song! I have thought before when I was hearing y'all sing at Zoe, that y'all could sing it so beautifully. Maybe you could do it at Pepperdine or Zoe in Arkansas---please? :)

Rick J said...

When I read your Tuesday post, the tune to "Seasons of Love" started playing in my head even before I read that you guys are singing it. What a stimulating title for a sermon series. That song has been meaningful for Virginia and me ever since Jeremy was in high school. The spring of his junior or senior year (when Rent was pretty new) they did a Rent set for their dinner theater... songs and costumes but no story line. We had not seen the play, so we had no context for the songs, but that one song touched us deeply at a spiritual level. Virginia told me this morning that even after seeing the movie, her reaction to that song was that all these folks want is love and community and acceptance... all the things God promises to all of us. Anyway, I know people will be blessed by the sermon series, and my guess is that using "Seasons..." will definitely intensify the blessing.