Monday, November 05, 2007

Some of you know that I have been serving as a vocal director in some of my spare time for Gary Musick Productions who does shows for Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines. It has been a complete blast for me and really feeding for me professionally and musically...making me stay on top of my "game". It's been neat to build relationships there and encourage those performers in their craft. I've been so blessed to get to work with so many gifted singers, actors and dancers. The shows range from pop style to Broadway shows like Lion King, Wicked, Hairspray, Les Mis, Phantom, Mama Mia and more. Take a look at a couple of clips by clicking here . These shows are on one of the Celebrity ships.

This past weekend people drove in from as far as Texas, Florida, Kansas and MA to audition for the shows. The other two audition spots this year will be London and Toronto. We had a great turn out. It was so fun hearing so many talented singers and performers!

Sunday morning at Otter Creek we ordained new Elders. It was such a cool morning. Congratulations and prayers go out to Phil, Jerry, and David. We're so glad to have you guys leading us!

Lastly, Sheryl and I arranged today to see a movie (sadly, a rare luxury for us). We saw "Dan In Real Life". LOVED it! I would recommend it. It was a touching movie. Then we came home and Sheryl decided to take off the casing to the back door since we found wood rot...and then it rained as if we were in Old Testament times. Perfect. So...the short of it is...the handyman is coming tomorrow.

Have a great night!


Christy said...

I had to laugh at this first sentence: "in my spare time" do you really have any of that? You do so much and I'm in awe that you keep your sanity through it all:)

Glad you and Sheryl got some time to yourselves

Phil said...

Did the daughters in Dan in Real Life make you cringe for our futures like I did? Especially the middle one?

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Hey BST!

I have wondered about this movie - good to have good reviews from you and Fajita!

Seems to me that there's a sermon series out there "Mr Christian In Real Life" (this is where we actually say what's really going on in our lives and not what we WISH was). There's such a battle in our churches to portray the greatness of God - and His expectations for holiness vs. the reality of the mess we make of our lives. How do we proclaim what God ultimately wants for His people (PERFECTION!!) and yet we should present our selves transparent so that those who do not know Jesus are intrigued by these struggling people finding hope in God. Thank God for His loving grace for people like me who continue making mistakes and failing.

It was great reconnecting some at Homecoming and GSP breakfast!


Brandon Scott said...

GREAT idea, Randy!!