Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I remember vividly about 5 years ago, when Maddie was about 18 months old, taking her to see the Otter Creek Kindergarten Thanksgiving program. It's been a tradition at that school for 30+ years. I still remember her running around in her little ACU cheerleader uniform and thinking that before I knew it she'd be up there performing with the kindergartners.

Yesterday, in some weird time warp, it happened. Our little baby girl who is somehow now 6 years old stood on the stage at the old building and sang those traditional songs. "My paddles keen and bright flashing like silver..."

We were so proud of our sweet pilgrim! She did a great job. They all did! It's amazing to see the difference between the Kindergarten show and her 2 year old show. All the kids worked really hard to memorize the words and have their motions down.

After the program we ate a Thanksgiving meal prepared by the kids and teachers. It was so delicious. Maddie told me she rubbed grease on the turkey and that it was "really disgusting".

We're thankful for our friends--especially Sarah and Ryan Williamson (Sarah is pictured above with her daughter Sydney and our friend Gretchen Link). We also had a wonderful evening with Paul and Jill Young. I still don't think I have gotten over their move two years ago to Atlanta. It was so wonderful getting to spend time with them.

This week I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful that my parents were married 45 years ago tomorrow. I am thankful for my sweet family. And, I am thankful for the friends God has so graciously given me. Praise the Lord and pass the pumpkin pie!


Phil said...

Very cute.

It's so weird to see the inside of the old building like that. It's been almost two years since I've been in there.

Sometimes I still miss it.

Amy said...

Aww... Paul and Jill. I miss them, too!! Great pictures!

Gary said...

And before you know it, she'll be walking down the aisle and you'll be wondering how all those precious years went by so quickly. Love on those babies while you can!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!