Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday at Otter Creek was a very busy day. One highlight was the dedication of the new playground. Taft Brown played and led the kids in singing the title song I wrote from TJ McCloud's CD series for Parable Bookstores called "Playground". After several very sweet prayers, the kids were released to play til they dropped.

Sam poses with Ella Masterson

Maddie and Blythe Masterson

Sheryl's father was released from ICU yesterday and was supposed to be able to go home to Sheryl's sister's house tonight. He will have to stay in Houston for at least another week and a half to meet with neurologists and other doctors. As for the cancer one really knows at this point what will happen. Thanks for your prayers!


julie said...

Those two little girls with your kids are family. Jerry and my husband, Tim, are first cousins. Small world!

Christy said...

so glad Sheryl's dad could go 'home'...just to not have to be in the hospital for the holidays has to be a relief.

The playground dedication was sooo much fun. Too bad TJ couldn't have made a guest apperance somehow...Taft did well though. I look forward to watching our kids on that playground for years to come