Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving was awesome! We ate all of our favorites at my mom's house with Katey Earles and Brian Randolph joining us. After lunch we all went to see "Enchanted". It was really cute and the girls loved it. (Except for Ella and the very terrifying dragon at the end)

The last couple of days we've been putting up Christmas. I always love this season. The kids are so fun to watch. We've been in our pajamas for about 2 straight days. I LOVE IT!!

You can tell how unkempt we all look in these pictures but somehow, that makes them even better to me! In fact, Sam went upstairs and ended up putting on his teddy bear's "Build a Bear" Spider Man pants. Hilarious.

Maddie, Ella and Sam in front of the family tree in the living room

Maddie and Ella pose in front of our favorite--the "Santa tree" in the den.

Last night we had Gary and Ellen Musick over for dinner. I am so grateful for their friendship this year. We laughed and told stories and had a fantastic time!

I hope your holiday was good. Enjoy the weekend!


~Jodi~ said...

Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! wow I can't believe how big your kids are getting! They are soo cute! What great memories- Love the pics! and the christmas decorations!

Jeff Howell said...

Are you going to "brave" the heights for the snowmen this year?? or are the snowmen land bound this year? keep us posted.


Beaner said...

Our family went to see 'Enchanted' too & I loved it! I really need to learn the words to the "Clean Up" song - I think it would make cleaning a whole lot more fun.

SG said...

Wow! Those trees look amazing! Sheryl is an artist. And we all know you are too!

I sang the "My paddles keen and bright, flashing with silver" song when I was in elementary school. That really takes me back! What does that song really say? off to google... Just wanted to say Hi! Hope you and your family have a peacefully sweet holiday season!

Brandon Scott said...

thanks, Steph! Actually, while most everything else that looks great in our house is a result of Sheryl's handiwork, the trees are mine. I'm the tree decorator in our house.

And, Jeff--yes, I am planning to brave new (or old) heights again this year and put the snowmen up. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Yeah, that's it. I haven't gotten around to it.