Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We were driving down the street the other day and Maddie exclaimed from the back seat, "Daddy, when you and Mommy got married I was already in Mommy's tummy!" Uh, no! I wonder who else she's said that to. Just for the record--marriage 1998, Maddie 2001. That would be one LONG gestation period.

This morning I was talking on the phone to someone very dear to me and went into auto-pilot. I looked up and I was turning in the parking lot of the OLD Otter Creek building. Nice.

We went out for steaks last night with Ryan and Sarah Williamson. Old friendships are so sweet. The steak wasn't my favorite, but the company sure was good!

I am working on plans for Abilene next week. I'm excited to see old friends and be home for a few days. Since JV can't come, John Scott Davis is singing bass with us. John Scott (affectionately known as John Scott Fred) and I sang in a group together in college. I first met him doing Summerstage in 1987. I was a "Junior Scholar" and taking college courses before my senior year in high school. So, I got to be in a show--something I'd long dreamed about after watching it every summer. John Scott was like a big brother to me. He adopted me and later that year when he was a Sing Song host I got to stand back stage and help. For a senior in high school this was BIG STUFF.

It's funny to think back on those days. There were so many friendships forged that have lasted all this time. I'm excited about him singing with us. AND--Since Jason has to leave on Tuesday, my partner in crime, Stephen Bailey, is coming to sing in his place. Stephen, John Scott, and I were all in that traveling group together (and of course, Stephen was also my long time roommate and still my best bud). We had a blast! I remember one night that summer of traveling(1989)--we sang at a camp and then got back in the van to leave. A girl had given us a "love note". In it she described why she thought we were cool. She called me the "funniest", John Scott the "cutest", and Stephen the "longest". HA! Well, I'm pretty sure she meant to say tallest...but you can imagine the mileage we got out of that one. Well, at least if I can't be tall or cute...I can be funny.

Our team for Abilene looks like this:
Melissa Kirby
Amanda (McKinney) Vickers--we're so excited that Amanda's coming!!
Lindsey Morgan (Pepperdine student who sang with us in Fresno and also dates our boy, Pete!)
Jason McArthur/ Stephen Bailey
David England
Peter Wilson
John Scott Davis

It'll be fun! If any of you out there reading can come--please come to our late night on Monday!


Matt Elliott said...

I'm using the free wi-fi in the "Quiet Study Room" at the public library and just laughed LOUDLY at the visual image of you pulling into the old OC parking lot. Gotta go now -- they're throwing me out!

Jenni said...

I know didn't graduate from high school in 1998, so did you mean that you were a junior scholar in 1987 rather than 1997? :-)

Travel safely - I wish I could stay for Monday late night, but I'll have to content myself with Sunday am at Highland.

Dan Dalzell said...

Looking forward to seeing & hearing & singing along with you guys in Abilene. God bless you all as you prepare and travel.

Tim Castle said...

Glad Lindsey is singing with you guys again.... the more Pepperdine folks you have, the better you sound! (grins his evil Pepperdine Alumnus grin)

One of these years, I'll get to go to the ACU Lectures, as well as Pepperdine. I just keep hearing great things about it. God bless you all as you travel, and may He pour out His blessings through you as you minister in worship.

Stephen Bailey said...

Thanks for clearing that up about Maddie's birth date. The mass email she sent about being at your wedding was troubling.

Also thanks for sharing the camp "Love Note" story. Good times.

Can't wait to see you next week.

Stephen (The Longest) Bailey

Katherine said...

Looking forward to a great week!!

It was 83 degrees in Abilene Saturday the high is supposed to be mid-30's with the chance of a wintry know Sing Song and Lectureship MUST be around the corner!!

Jana said...

You were a junior scholar?! Me too! Anyway, I've been hoping I would read on your blog about those really cool folks you had lunch with at Chili's a few weeks ago. You're always so open about who you spend time with, Brandon, that I thought for sure the Youngs would get a mention in the blogosphere...wink wink...