Saturday, February 04, 2006

A couple of things to mention tonight...

First, I didn't get to blog about my exciting lunch with my friend in the publishing business, Stuart. His company publishes Len Sweet. He took me to lunch, encouraged me in my writing, and even brought me a jar of Le Madeline's tomato basil soup--a true friend. We're trying to be creative about a writing project. He's a great encourager. Thank you, Stu!!

Second, we got to take the girls and Sam to see the Dora the Explorer stage show at TPAC this afternoon thanks to Geof and Amanda Vickers. It was so much fun! Dora looked EXACTLY like Shelli Meador--it was weird. The show was great and all the kids in the audience were very involved. Thank you, Geof and Amanda!!

Thirdly, the move this morning went so well. We had hundreds of people show up to help and we were completely moved out of the Granny White property by noon. Amazing. It was so weird to see that place so empty. The only things left were equipment, etc to get us through the service tomorrow morning. It was fun to see all the hustle-bustle at the new building and really live in that space for a day.

And, finally, Paul, Jill, Mack, and Champ Young are here visiting. They came in for the final day at the old building tomorrow. They are dear, dear friends who LEFT US and moved to Atlanta last fall. But I'm not bitter. No way. But seriously, it's been like putting on that favorite bath robe---being with them is so comfortable and wonderful. It makes me realize even more how much I miss them. They are staying with us tonight and we had so much fun staying up laughing.

Tomorrow's the big day. I'm excited and a bit nervous. I know it will be an important day and I don't want to forget anything!


Ed Harrell said...

I hope all went well today. I have a quick curiosity question. OC was sharing the building with another Church. Are they moving with you or are they staying put. This is not a "need to know" thing, just curious.



~Jodi~ said...

I Thought of you today and pray that things went well with the service. I am praying for you all in this time of great change. It's a really cool thing to see the way you have honored the past history of Godly men and women in your church as you look to the future. May God Bless you all as you begin your time in the new building! hope you are feeling alot better too!

Phil said...

Ed, Church of the Redeemer moved out about 4 months ago into another building that they're going to buy.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that Shelli is playing Dora in her "spare time". I wouldn't be surprised.This comment is from her mother. I love reading your blog. Judy