Monday, May 09, 2011

ZOE in Malibu

We traveled last week to Malibu with ZOE to sing at Pepperdine University. It was a wonderful week of fellowship and ministry. It was a lot of singing but it was also a LOT of fun! We sang in Smothers Theater Wednesday and Thursday nights and we did an afternoon set each day in Mike Cope's class. This was our 13th year to share that afternoon class. It has been a wonderful journey. (Hopefully with more to come!) We love Mike and are thankful for his long partnership in ministry.

We have lots of must-do's each year we go to Malibu. John's Garden and the Cross Creek shopping area are almost at the top of my list. I love starting each day at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Duke's restaurant, Zuma Beach, Santa Monica, late night laughs with ZOE friends and family...all of these were joyfully checked off our list.

The ZOE family means so much to me! After all these years together there's no real way to define all that God has given us. We simply have something together that apart we could never know or understand.

Here are some pictures from the week...

Apparently, the matchy matchiness runs in our family because here's how Sheryl and Kiki looked as we showed up at the airport.

Ahhhhh Pepperdine and Malibu! We've missed you!

Every one of the 13 years we have gathered in the stairwell of the tech booth in Smothers Theater for prayer, last minute rehearsal and laughter. This is a very sacred space for us. Oh...if those walls could speak!

Kevin, Peter, Lindsey and Amy (So great seeing all the Wilson clan and the Morgans!)

This, my friends, is called a Malibu Dream, or as I like to call it, Heaven. I look forward to our reunions each May.

Peter and I were going over the media for the day. Peter and his wife Lindsey are a huge help to me every year at Pepperdine. Thank you, guys!
Zuma Beach

The ZOE girls at Zuma Beach

Amy, Karin, Melissa, Sheryl

I have laughed out loud at this picture more times already than I can count.

Yep, this one too.



The view from our table at Duke's

Zuma Beach

Kiki and Sheryl at Zuma Beach

Karin and Melissa

Packed house in Pepperdine's Smothers Theater

3rd Street in Santa Monica

ZOE and friends at Duke's

Smothers Theater stairwell...our sacred space.

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