Monday, May 30, 2011

Going Away Festivities

This has been an amazing weekend with friends! From our surprise going away party to swim time with friends and a farewell dinner with some of my close brothers. I have so much to write but I feel like if I don't post some of these pics it will never happen with the craziness of moving.

Here are some pictures and video from our surprise party...(more to come later)

There was a "Roast" part of the evening...nobody was safe. Johnathan Vest was hilarious and fried us all!

The girls wrote a "Hee-Haw" song about Sheryl. It was really cute. L-R Amy Westerman, Laura Troup, Gail Gonzalez, Kiki, Amanda Vickers (Bobby Colvert was on guitar with legendary steel guitar player Carco Clave)

Our long-time friends, Steve and Karen Speake, presented us with a beautiful picture on canvas that Karen had taken in Ireland. One of Karen's paintings hangs over our mantle. We love the Speakes and will miss them dearly.

In case you missed's the video Amy Westerman put together for us. This is why we were crying! :)

Kevin, Kiki, Sheryl and me

Scott and Amy Westerman, Sheryl and me

Amanda Vickers, Amy Westerman, Sheryl and Kiki. These three girls planned the party and really blessed us with all their hard work and special touches. It is a night we will never forget.

The party took place at the Wilcher's. Randal is an elder at Otter Creek and Dele teaches at Otter Creek with Sheryl. They have blessed our lives immensely.

Randal, Sheryl, Dele and me

Sunday morning my good buddy Josh Ross team-preached at Otter Creek with Josh Graves. Many of you remember Josh Ross and have prayed for his family over the last year as they walked the very difficult path of losing his sister, Jenny Bizaillian from a freak infection. The morning was powerful! I so loved having Josh there. Afterwards, the Ross and Graves families came to our house for lunch. Sweet time with great friends!
BST, Josh Ross, Josh Graves

Josh and Noah
Truitt Ross and Sam

Kara Graves and Lucas

Truitt Ross

Sheryl, me, Kayci and Josh Ross, Josh and Kara Graves

Lucas Graves was like, "Enough talking already! It is NAP TIME!"

Sunday afternoon we went over to JR and Joy Roper's house for a swim party. They have an amazing home and their back yard is something out of the Garden of Eden. We had a blast and Ella actually lost her last front baby tooth. Thank you, Joy and JR for your years of friendship, musical inspiration, and love.'s really THAT beautiful!


Maddie. Cameron Hunt is smiling back there in the background


Their infinity pool was so gorgeous!

Last night I had dinner with some of my closest Nashville brothers. It was so fun and so great to get to laugh together. I love these guys.

L-R back row--Daren Stanley, David Shaub, Jeff McInturff, (front row) Daniel Green, and Brian Layton

Daniel, "Shaubie", and Brian.
"Shaubie" was an elder at OC for much of the time I was there. He is also like a brother to me. I lived with David and Sharon for a little while before Sheryl and I got married. His whole family is like family to Sheryl and me.

Daniel and Brian have been dear friends to me. Daniel and Mary Ann were in life group with us as young marrieds. Brian's kids and our kids carpool every day to school. Both of these guys have loved me even on days when I have been unlovable.
Today we had more pool time and lunch with the Graves and Ross families. I spent most of that pool time in the shade because I have fried myself already this weekend. Tonight Ella wasn't feeling well so she and I stayed home and watched a movie while the rest of the family celebrated Memorial Day out in Nolensville with Kevin, Kiki, Chris and Gail and their kids. Here are some awesome cousin shots. Thanks to Chris for sending these!
Canaan, Maddie and Sierra

I love this picture!

Sam, Canaan, Maddie and Sierra. I wonder if you could hear Sam screaming over the deafening cicadas??
Back to work tomorrow...this is my last week. Much to do! More goodbyes. I'm storing up these moments in my heart...every last one.

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